Dispute Over Bruno Mars Song Triggers Senior Citizen To Pistol-Whip His Friend

Johnson County SheriffJohnson County Sheriff

A 71-year-old Indiana man spent his weekend behind bars after he was arrested for pistol-whipping a friend who had contested him on whether or not Bruno Mars was the artist behind a song they were listening to.

Authorities were called to respond to report of an attack involving a firearm in the Johnson County city of Greenwood late Friday night, September 21. When they arrived at the 2700 block of Reflection Way residence where the assault had allegedly taken place, they were surprised to learn that the incident under investigation involved a trio of good friends who had been hanging out prior to what ensued.

According to the Indianapolis Star, the fellas were having a pleasant evening until the tune in question started spinning on the radio. What began as a simple disagreement over whose vocals were projecting through the speakers would reportedly escalate into a shouting match that eventually turned violent. The witness who made the call told deputies on the scene that suspect Roger D. Washburn became agitated over the unnamed victim’s insistence that they had been listening to a Bruno Mars track.

Washburn had been using his words until the soon-to-be victim showed him up by presenting proof, the witness says. It was then that Washburn allegedly pulled out a.38 caliber revolver. Unfazed by the threat, the victim is said to have reacted by calling Washburn “chicken s**t,” which prompted the suspect to strike him several times across the face and arm with the gun.

Due to anxiety and uncertainty over what he had witnessed, it would be hours before the third party on hand made a call to report the incident.

The report that deputies filed details the victim having been found with “a small gouge on his right cheek, blood on his pants, shirt and a red abrasion on his right forearm,” according to Fox59. He would not seek immediate medical attention. The document also confirms that the suspect admitted to using the firearm in the attack, while explaining how he was indeed responsible for causing the evident injuries.

Washburn’s confession was good enough to warrant that he be taken into police custody and booked into the Johnson County Jail where he remains in detention. He is now facing a pair of felony charges for battery with injury and criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon.

It is unclear what Bruno Mars song became the point of contention between Washburn and his pal.