Washington Redskins Rumors: Robert Griffin III Likely To Be Cut After Losing Starting Job

The Washington Redskins are rumored to be nearing the end of the Robert Griffin III era, one that started with a giant trade and appears to be ending with a roster cut.

On Monday, after denying rumors that Kirk Cousins would be named the starter for this year, the Redskins announced just that. The decision appears to mark the end of the RGIII era, one that included an incredible first season and a NFL Rookie of the Year award and ended after seasons on inconsistency and injury.

Coach Jay Gruden was clear about his decision, saying that this is "Kirk's team" and will remain so even when Griffin returns from his concussion.

But it does not appear that Robert Griffin III will remain on the bench behind Kirk Cousins. As many have pointed out, the Redskins are due to pay RGIII $16 million if he is injured.

That likely means the Redskins won't risk keeping Griffin, who could be called into duty and cost the team dearly.

Business Insider noted on the story.

"The best move for everyone at the moment seems to be for the Redskins to cut Griffin before the start of the season. Although it sounds crazy, anything else will just lead to misery for both Griffin and Washington's front office. As Adam Schefter reported over the weekend, Griffin is owed $16 million next season, and that money is guaranteed if Griffin gets injured. As Schefter noted, because of how injury-prone Griffin has proved to be in his short career in the NFL, teams that might otherwise be interested in trading for Griffin are staying away because they don't want to take on $16 million in guaranteed money if he is quickly re-injured."
If the rumors are true, it's difficult to say what will happen to Robert Griffin III next. While there are a number of teams in need of a quarterback --- including the Cleveland Browns and New York Jets --- Griffin may be looked at as damaged goods after years of misuse in Washington left him battered and mentally drained.

The Washington Redskins have not yet said what will happen to Robert Griffin III, but if rumors hold up and he is indeed cut, the team would likely make the move soon to give him a chance to land with another team before the season starts.

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