‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny Questions Mike, Margaux Explodes, And Oscar Begs Cameron To Keep Quiet

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers for Monday’s episode tease that there will be a lot of questions being raised. Margaux revealed that the dead body found at Charlie’s was her father and this will put Sonny in a tight spot. Cameron spilled the beans to Oscar about his cancer and a sneak peek shows that Kim and Drew have tough decisions to make.

The new sneak peek shared via Twitter shows Terry talking with Kim and Drew about Oscar’s illness. The doctor says that the two have decisions to make about Oscar and viewers know that one decision they’ve had a tough time coming to terms with is when to tell their son about his illness.

Unfortunately, it looks like the timing on that decision has been taken out of their hands. Cameron blurted out something about the cancer and General Hospital spoilers suggest that Oscar will plead with Cameron not to say anything to anybody else. Oscar had no idea about this illness, but it sounds as if he’ll want to try to keep it from Josslyn for now.

She Knows Soaps indicates that Kim will end up feeling upset with Drew during Monday’s show. As these two try to sort through what to do next with Oscar, Cameron will soon be confronting his mom and this is surely about the tidbits he learned about Oscar’s situation thanks to Franco.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Sonny will be trying to get Mike to tell him everything he possibly can about the body that was ultimately found at Charlie’s. Margaux and Jordan have been focused on Mike as being connected to the body, but Sonny is the one who could face big trouble over this and General Hospital spoilers tease that Margaux may figure that angle out very soon and she’ll be quite worked up during Monday’s show trying to sort this all out.

Carly is going to be having a conversation with Franco during the September 24 episode and somehow this involves her exclaiming that Elizabeth is a hypocrite. It’s not clear as of yet what leads to this encounter involving Carly being worked up over Liz, but General Hospital spoilers do detail that she’ll be feeling inquisitive during this episode as well.

Jason will try to get Sam to open up to him, telling her that he can tell there’s something upsetting her. This is probably about Oscar, but Sam will try to continue to keep what she knows to herself. Sam already upset Kim by revealing that Drew had told her about the situation and she’ll surely try to hold back from telling Jason what she knows.

Sonny will work on getting Jason up to speed on what he learned from Margaux and General Hospital spoilers note that the two will do their best to regain control of this messy situation. As the week continues, viewers will see more on Nina’s daughter, baby Wiley, and a handful of other big storylines and teasers suggest that things will get intense.