Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger Fired In Wake Of Botham Shem Jean Shooting, Pending Manslaughter Charge

Stewart F. HouseGetty Images

The Dallas police officer involved in the deadly shooting of Botham Shem Jean on September 6th has now been fired. Amber Guyger had been with the Dallas, Texas, police department for four years. She was officially fired on Monday.

The Star-Telegram details that Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall had previously indicated that Amber Guyger would not be fired in the wake of the shooting that left Botham Shem Jean dead in his apartment. An internal affairs investigation has reportedly led to the firing, after Guyger was found to have engaged in adverse conduct when she was arrested for manslaughter.

The announcement was shared via the Dallas Police Department’s Twitter page and it notes that Guyger was terminated during a hearing held on Monday. She reportedly can appeal the decision. After the incident, Guyger posted bail and was on leave pending an investigation.

Many questions remain regarding what happened the night that Guyger entered Jean’s apartment and shot him. Those following the story have noted that her description of the events that transpired that night has shifted more than once. Her apartment is reportedly directly under Botham’s and she was said to have mistakenly gone to his door thinking it was her own shortly after finishing a lengthy shift at work.

That is where things have been somewhat hazy. As The Root recaps, different reports related to the night in question include conflicting details. There seems to be some doubt whether Botham’s door was fully shut and locked or slightly ajar, as well as whether Jean answered the door — or was on the other side of his apartment when Amber entered.

There are also two witnesses who have come forward saying that they heard Guyger pounding on the door and yelling for someone to let her in, while Guyger’s account includes nothing related to this. The now-fired Dallas police officer says that she thought she had encountered a burglar and that she shot him after she issued verbal commands to the figure she saw in the apartment.

So far, no details regarding toxicology tests on Guyger have been publicly revealed. In addition, the department has not yet released any 911 tapes from the night that Guyger shot Jean.

Some neighbors of Botham’s have spoken out in support of him and have corroborated descriptions of the apartment building in question. The news that Amber Guyger has been fired from the police department is being met with relief from many closely tied to Botham Shem Jean, and people are anxious for concrete answers about what happened the night of September 6th.