Tristan Thompson Tired Of Haters Slamming Him Over Khloe Kardashian Cheating Scandal, Per ‘Hollywood Life’

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Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian seem to be in a good place in their relationship at the moment. However, he still reportedly gets upset when online haters call him out for hitting the town without his baby mama.

According to a September 24 report by Hollywood Life, Tristan Thompson is unhappy with fans who have repeatedly called him out anytime that he’s spotted hitting the town without girlfriend Khloe Kardashian. It could be argued that the NBA star brought much of said criticism onto himself — given that he was busted cheating on the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star back in April.

As many fans will remember, photos and videos of Tristan getting close with multiple other women surfaced online just days before Khloe gave birth to the couple’s daughter, True.

Now, Thompson comes under fire any time that it looks like he may be stepping out of line — and he’s allegedly getting tired of it.

“Tristan loves Khloe and their baby, True, but he also loves his time away with his boys to decompress. He is preparing for one of the most challenging NBA seasons of his life and if he needs to go out to blow off some steam, he is grateful Khloe is understanding about it. Tristan is under a lot of stress between being a part of the Kardashian family and in the NBA, so he sometimes feels the need to get away from it all and go out and having a few drinks with his friends,” an insider revealed.

Meanwhile, the source goes on to say that Tristan Thompson has worked very hard to put his relationship with Khloe Kardashian back together following his cheating scandal earlier this year.

The couple have been living together in L.A. over the summer, where they’ve been seen showing plenty of PDA — having romantic date nights, and taking a family vacation with their daughter.

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“[Tristan] has worked hard to rebuild his relationship with Khloe and is tired of the haters questioning his integrity or doubting his actions when he goes out without her. Tristan checks in with her constantly when he goes out and only has eyes for her. He loves her and is totally faithful! He has learned his lessons, and he never wants to embarrass himself or Khloe like that again,” the insider stated.

However, it seems that Khloe Kardashian hates that Tristan Thompson is putting himself in situations that could be misconstrued as him doing something shady or disrespectful toward her and their family.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Tristan Thompson was spotted leaving a Hollywood nightclub with two women and his group of friends recently. However, he allegedly told Khloe Kardashian that he didn’t know the women — and she believed her man, proving how far they’ve come in the months since the cheating scandal.

“She knows when he goes out, there will be plenty of eyeballs on him that he would be extra stupid if he cheated on her again,” the source added.