Weekly ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Curtis Gets Answers, Oscar Asks Questions, And Peter’s Disinterested

Craig SjodinABC

New General Hospital spoilers for the week of September 24 are out and it looks like there are big developments on the way. Viewers now know that the dead body found at Charlie’s was Margaux’s father and during Friday’s show, Cameron confronted Oscar about having cancer. Curtis asked Sasha to take a DNA test to see if she’s Nina’s daughter and Ryan continues to impersonate his brother Kevin. Where do things head next?

As the Inquisitr previously shared, the week of September 24 will have more with baby Wiley’s illness. Monica confirmed that the baby’s heart issue is the same one that Michael experienced, and fans may remember that Michael’s biological father AJ had heart issues when he was little, too.

General Hospital spoilers from TV Source Magazine share that Carly will be digging into something this week, but that may not be referencing Wiley and the heart issue. For some reason, Michael will find it necessary to apologize to his mom. Brad will understandably be panicking, but it doesn’t sound as if this storyline will explode quite yet.

Oscar is going to be looking for insight and perspective during the episodes ahead. Cameron blurted out something about Oscar having cancer, and obviously, Oscar has no idea what he’s talking about. General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps note that Cameron will be confronting Elizabeth and that’s surely going to be over what he learned thanks to Franco’s carelessness.

Will Liz tell her son the truth or lie to keep the reality of Oscar’s illness from becoming more widely known? The buzz has been that Oscar would learn the truth soon, so even if everybody scrambles and tries to keep up the lies at this point, the reality of his dire situation seemingly will be known soon.

The week of September 24 also brings progress for Curtis. He has been trying to find out the identity of Nina’s daughter and he met with Sasha to see if she might be that daughter. General Hospital spoilers reveal that he will get some answers this week, but most fans still feel certain that Nina’s daughter will be Kiki, not Sasha.

Nina will get a chance to spend time with Charlotte and this will likely lead her to be all the more anxious to figure out the truth about her biological child. General Hospital spoilers hint that Nina will hold something back in a talk with Valentin, and it seems likely this is related to the necklace she found. These two aren’t coordinating efforts yet, but teasers have hinted that they may find themselves on friendlier terms again soon.

Lulu has warned Peter to be cautious regarding Maxie and General Hospital spoilers indicate that he’ll be trying to appear disinterested in some way this week. In addition, Maxie will approach Lulu and this may again be in relation to Peter.

Lucy is going to pop up this week and she’ll be determined in whatever she’s tackling and all signs point toward there being more with Ryan on the way this week too. There are several complicated storylines moving forward in Port Charles during the week of September 24 and General Hospital spoilers suggest that there’s great stuff on the way.