‘Baki’ Season 3 Episode 14 Spoilers, Recap: Baki, Oliver Beat Death Row Inmate Sikorsky Into Pulp

Keisuke Itagaki (AKITASHOTEN)1992Netflix

Baki Season 3 Episode 14, which is currently available at Netflix, featured Biscuit Oliver successfully defeating a former police officer who wanted to take revenge against him. The people present at the crime scene were shocked to see the mark Oliver left in the criminal’s body. Meanwhile, Morio Sonoda, the Commissioner of the Japanese Police Department, was amazed by how Oliver’s body withstand multiple shotgun attacks.

When Oliver returned to the Arizona Prison, the police immediately served him with steaks and wines. With the short amount of time he spent with the strongest man in the USA, Sonoda already knew that Oliver is not a normal human being. After the meal, Oliver invited Sonoda to his library.

During their conversation, Oliver expressed a strong desire to take down the three remaining death row inmates who are currently in Japan. Oliver told Sonoda that there should be no other prisoner in the world who deserves freedom other than him. As expected, Sonoda agreed to bring Oliver to Japan to help them hunt Sikorsky, Yanagi, and Doyle.

While in the car, Oliver asked permission from Sonoda if he could leave him alone. After receiving a positive response, Oliver got out of the car and headed somewhere else. Baki Season 3 Episode 14 also featured the strongest man in the world, Yujiro Hanma, speaking with Sikorsky while Baki’s girlfriend, Kozue, is on their back only wearing her underwear.

As expected, the conversation between Yujiro and Sikorsky didn’t go well and led to a fight. Sikorsky tried to hit Yujiro with a cheap shot, but the Ogre already knew what he’s about to do. It didn’t take long before someone interfered in the fight as Oliver and Baki appeared before Yujiro and Sikorsky.

After seeing Kozue’s condition, Baki became furious and immediately attacked the enemy. Baki succeeded to throw Sikorsky out of the building, but the death row inmate prevented himself from falling into the ground. Baki turned his attention to Oliver and managed to land a direct hit. However, Oliver’s body didn’t take any serious damage from Baki’s attack.

Sikorsky returned to continue his fight with Baki, but the police came. Sikorsky escaped, but Baki and Oliver succeeded to track his location. Baki attacked Sikorsky first, but Oliver finished him with a single blow. Baki Season 3 Episode 14 showed how powerful Oliver really is. As of now, three of the five death row inmates have already experienced their first defeat, and it will only be a matter of time before the two others suffer the same fate.