Rapper Chief Keef Victim Of Home Invasion With Shot Fired

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Chief Keef was reportedly at home when three armed men jumped over a wall and threw a brick through his kitchen window in an attempt to break into his home, TMZ is reporting.

Plainclothes police officers who were in the area approached the San Fernando Valley home Sunday around 11:15 p.m. to stop the suspects, one of whom fired his weapon but missed, the report contends. The men fled the scene, and police gave chase, eventually catching two of the suspects. The third man is said to have escaped in a getaway car, according to the report.

Officers said one of the men was already in the home when they approached. The rapper was at home when the attempted break-in happened but didn’t see anything, TMZ noted. The two men who were arrested were booked on charges of burglary and possession of a weapon.

Chief Keef, 23, is the latest home to be the target of burglars in recent months, TMZ said in a different report, which has prompted officers to increase presence in the area.

The home of Los Angeles Dodgers’ right fielder Yasiel Puig, who also lives in San Fernando Valley, has been burglarized four times. His home was almost broken into for a fifth time last week, as per the TMZ report. The fourth incident took place last Tuesday when a suspect kicked the front door open to gain access. Police said three men were involved in the burglary, whom they believe are the same suspects responsible for the previous break-in at Puig’s home in August, as per the TMZ report.

According to the report, the men ransacked Puig’s home before locating a safe in the second-floor master bedroom, which they reportedly dragged down the stairs through the living room before abandoning it in the doorway, TMZ reported.

On Thursday, a man was again spotted on Puig’s property but didn’t make it into the home. Police believe the man involved in Thursday’s incident is different from the previous suspects. Puig home was first broken into last spring when he was away for spring training, then again during the World Series last year, and a third time just last month, TMZ noted.

The Los Angeles Police Department has released security footage of the incident and is asking the public to help identify the men in it.

Thursday’s suspected attempt caused police to begin patrolling San Fernando Valley more heavily, according to TMZ.