Top 10 Hottest Pics Of Olivia Culpo On Instagram

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Olivia Culpo, model, actress, and former Miss America, knows how to toe the line when it comes to posting on Instagram. Ever vigilant about the social media platform’s rules about nudity, she knows how to show just enough skin to stay within bounds, and yet still be provocative enough to get her fans salivating. And of course, being one of the biggest Instagram stars in the world, she blows up the internet every time she posts.

Here, now, are the ten sexiest Olivia Culpo Instagram pics.

#1: Keeping It Simple

Even though Olivia is mostly famous for showing skin in her Instagram pics – and as a model, being beautiful is kind of her job – there’s something to be said about going for the Plain Jain look. Here’s Olivia in Jamaica earlier this month, sporting simple cutoff jean shorts, a white top, and sneakers.

#2: The VitalProteins Campaign

Olivia tells InStyle that she won’t post sponsored content unless it’s a product she believes in. And apparently, she’s a big believer in Vital Proteins, as evidenced by this shot of her wearing a top that barely counts as a garment (and looks more like a strategically-placed kitchen towel).

#3 Almost Topless In Ibiza

Olivia and the photographers who shoot her know how to get the most out of every frame, including posing the garments in just such a way that little is left to the imagination – such as in this pic taken from the famed Spanish beach.

#4: Classic Cars Are Sexy Too

Here’s Olivia on a “deliriously” hot day in a vintage muscle car. And for men of a certain age, that car will get hearts racing just as much as Olivia herself.

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110 degrees and delirious ☀️????

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#5: Good Nutrition Is Sexy

Here’s Olivia getting her daily doses of Vitamin C (from the OJ – we won’t speculate on what’s mixed in there) and Vitamin D (from the sun).

#6: Did We Mention Skirting The Instagram Nudity Rules?

We’ll just leave this here without comment.

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Tonight ????

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#7: The Simple Life

Here’s another picture of Olivia keeping things simple, enjoying the day at “Home sweet home,” as she captioned it.

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Home sweet home????

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#8: Her Scrunchie Obsession

Olivia is 26, but she still has a fondness for a fashion accessory that’s more traditionally the domain of teenage girls: the Scrunchie.

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SCRUNCHIES are my new obsession ????

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#9: Channeling Mary Ann From Gilligan’s Island

Something about white polka dots on red just screams “Mary Ann” from Gilligan’s Island. But it works.

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Don’t forget to wear your ????

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#10: The Happy Birthday Butt

On May 8, 2018, Olivia marked her 26th birthday by… showing off her butt? Whatever works for you, Olivia.