Former NBA Player Quentin Richardson Offers To Help Kanye West In Chicago

Maddie MeyerGetty Images

When Kanye West returned to Chicago, he did so not only to get back to his roots but to also give back to the city he grew up in that is notoriously plagued by violence. It looks as though West has gained another partner for his social initiatives in another Chicago native, former NBA player Quentin Richardson, who said during an interview with TMZ that he would welcome any opportunity to help West improve the city.

“Anybody asking me to come back home and help out, I’m always down,” said Richardson when the paparazzi asked if he had any plans to join West.

Richardson’s relationship with Chicago has recently been examined as part of a YouTube series for The Players’ Tribune. The video served as Richardson’s own homecoming to the city, as the former player returned to his family’s home in the city as well as walked the streets he grew up on and spoke about the difficulty he faced as he chased his NBA dream.

Richardson also revisits one of the darkest moments of his life, the 2005 murder of his brother in an armed car robbery, by going to the place where his brother died.

“For me it just let you know that your life, your family, can be touched by it, too,” Richardson said in the video. “It’s not something you just watch in the news. Being in Chicago, growing up, seeing somebody, or reading about it, or hearing about it, for me, that was a common occurrence. And I don’t care how much money you got, how much fame you got, how much celebrity you got, whatever it is, like, life still happens.”

West has been making his presence in Chicago much more noticeable in the past week, even going so far as to announce that he was returning and “never leaving again,” as covered by the Inquisitr. While that is probably unlikely, West is building a home in the Chicago area and has been reunited with some of the artists that helped mold his career such as GLC, as well as worked with some of the city’s hottest young artists in Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa.

Richardson is happy to hear that West is trying to make things better, but stresses that fixing the problems in Chicago isn’t a one-man job, saying, “I think Kanye trying to do something could definitely be something positive and start some change, but it takes a lot more than one person.”