Ageless Woman Reveals The Key To Having Perfect Skin Is To Drink Urine Every Morning

Patrik StollarzBongarts/Getty Images

Perfect skin is the holy grail of the health and beauty industry and one woman believes she’s finally hit upon a formula that produces perfect results every time – urine!

The Mirror reports that 33-year-old Kayleigh Oakley is a urine guzzler who firmly believes in the beneficial properties of what many regard as a toxic by-product of the human body.

The successful businesswoman begins each day by urinating into a half-pint glass and then downing most of the lukewarm contents with gusto.

She then applies the remainder of the urine to her skin “as a moisturizer” before hitting the shower to clean up and ready herself for a day at the office.

Speaking about her morning drink, the committed vegan revealed urine wasn’t too harsh on the old taste buds.

“It doesn’t taste of much. It’s a bit salty and you can taste some minerals, but because I have a vegan diet, it isn’t strong.”

Kayleigh claims the bizarre beauty treatment is the key to her flawless skin and said not only does it keep her complexion looking as fresh as a daisy but it has also cured a number of additional ailments she has spent her life suffering from.

The yoga teacher confessed that before she began her daily dose of urine her immune system was low and a stressful day could leave her bed-bound for days on end.

She claims the yellow stuff transformed her health and life almost immediately.

“It was almost instant. Drinking urine can’t harm you and I view it as a medicine. We don’t think twice about taking drugs bought over the counter, with side-effects, yet urine has no side-effects and it works really well.

“A lot of expensive skin brands contain urea, which is excreted in urine, so I have also got a really expensive product for free.”

Despite Kayleigh’s unusual claims, the British Dietetic Association have sounded a note of caution. They warn urine consumption has no benefits and could even be harmful.

“There is no evidence or advice which would encourage anybody to drink their own urine. The body, in particular the kidneys, does an effective job at removing toxins and excretes urine.

“Therefore, drinking this again is not beneficial, could potentially be harmful and could cause infection.”

Kayleigh is not put off by such statements and remains a firm advocate of urine therapy.

“I had been on a long journey, trying to improve my health.

“I changed my diet and lifestyle, trying to introduce more holistic things and not taking any pharmaceutical medicines.

“I heard that urine can reset the immune system, promote general good health, and is good for the skin. It is also an ancient yogic technique, so thought I would give it a go.The morning drink contains the most hormones and nutrients.”

“I have never been horrified by the thought of drinking it and my friends and family accept what I do. We are conditioned to think drinking urine is unclean, but it’s just a sterile filtration of the blood.”