Models With Three Breasts Grace Catwalk At Bizarre Milan Fashion Show

Andreas RentGetty Images

Fashion weeks are often weird and unusual, no matter where they’re held, but this week, Milan really got everyone’s attention. They sent models with three breasts down the runway. Well, that’s what appeared to be happening, but looks can be deceiving.

Italian fashion label GCDS modeled their rave-ready fashion clothing on women who were actually wearing a prosthetic breast in the middle of their natural pair. The idea was to give the audience a glimpse into the future when the human body has changed and the fashion label rules the world. The three-breasted ladies were rocking luminous crop tops, utility harnesses, and mini skirts. The show’s catwalk was illuminated with neon signs reading “GCDS Corp is your only god.” According to LAD Bible, the acronym stands for “God Can’t Destroy Streetwear.”

We’ve recently seen models wearing gimp-masks, nothing but tape, and nothing but money, but this show, which reminded many of the film Total Recall, has been one of the strangest fashion shows yet. The futuristic 1990 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger famously had a three-breasted prostitute named Mary, who was originally played by Lycia Naff. The character was so popular that she was kept in the Colin Farell reboot in 2012 and played by actress Kaitlyn Leeb.

According to IMDB, the character was originally supposed to have four breasts but producers thought she would look too much like a cow. Unfortunately, Naff found the experience of playing Mary humiliating, as if she had exposed herself for real. In fact, she found the whole experience so bad that she refused to do any publicity for the film and even turned down a shot on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Hopefully, the models at Milan’s Fashion Week had a better experience.

Naturally, people jumped on Twitter to comment on the show.

“I suppose their staying abreast of things,” one person joked. Another added, “Is this the year 3000?”

Aside from the jokes, other comments were positive.

“Darn I love GCDS even more now,” one commenter wrote, and another wrote “F*** stereotypes! From GCDS wear in Milano fashion show.”

Featured image credit: Andreas RentGetty Images

Elsewhere in the show, creative director Giuliano Calza worked with Pokémon and featured a Pikachu and Jigglypuff collection with the faces of the Pokémon characters on shoes and bags.

If the point of a fashion week is to get people to take notice of your designs, then it’s probably fair to say that Milan’s Fashion week was a success.