Cyber-Attacks Could Shut Down The Power Grid

The cyber-attack on the Energy Department has once again highlighted the vulnerability of the power grid. Hacking experts warn that a cyber-attack aimed at America’s antiquated power grid could take down the system. If such an incident should occur, the country could instantly be rocketed back to an early 190os style existence.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, NASA and NOAA scientists have already voiced concerns about a massive solar flare causing a similar catastrophe for the over-taxed power grid. A cyber-attack on the power grid would wreak a sizeable amount of havoc. But a massive solar flare (or coronal mass ejection) would be even more devastating to life as we know it – modern cars would likely no longer run.

The online attack against the governmental agency reportedly impacted 20 work stations at the facility. Classified information was reportedly not stolen during the Energy Department cyber-attack. Chinese hackers are being touted as suspects, the Washington Free Beacon reports.

The level of “sophistication” involved in the latest cyber-breach reportedly indicates the involvement of a foreign government, Fox News notes. The Energy Department also includes the offices of the National Nuclear Security.

Thousands could die in a successful power grid attack, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. Although electrocution and fires could cause immediate deaths, long-term and widespread blackout would reportedly increase the death toll dramatically.

A National Academy of Sciences report had this to say about a downed power grid:

“An event of this magnitude and duration could lead to turmoil, widespread public fear, and an image of helplessness that would play directly into the hands of the terrorists.”

Living without electricity would cause a severe lifestyle change, but living without water would be disastrous. Do all the solar flare, over-taxed power grid, and cyber-attack headlines make you consider becoming a prepper?

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