Kevin Hart To Guest Host On Wednesday’s ‘Winner-Takes-All’ Edition Of HQ Trivia, Winner Will Get $100,000

Paras Griffin Getty Images

Kevin Hart is coming to HQ Trivia!

On Sunday, People reported that Kevin Hart will be schooling hundreds of thousands of players on the popular mobile trivia game, HQ, on Wednesday Sept. 26, and he’s very much looking forward to letting one, lucky winner walk way with $100,000.

Since its creation in 2017, HQ Trivia has become a phenomenon with hundreds of thousands and on rare occasions, millions, of people flocking to the app for their chance of winning some cold, hard cash.

Hosted by Scott Rogowsky, Hart will be tagging along on Wednesday as the first-ever guest host for the Winner-Takes-All edition.

“$100,000 is no joke: study up, people! Go back to night school, high school, pre-school, beauty school — you never know what types of questions Scott and I are going to throw your way,” Hart told the media outlet.

“You heard it here first: Kevin Hart and I will be handing out $100,000 to one smarty HQtie live on Wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. ET, ” Rogowsky chimed in. “I’m fully expecting the winner to take me out for a steak dinner. I’d also appreciate $20 for a cab home,” he joked.

As most HQ Trivia players are aware by now, the standard game consists of Rogowsky sounding of 12 questions with all players having only a matter of seconds to choose the correct answer out of four, possible choices. The limited amount of time players get to answer the questions not only makes the game more difficult, it makes cheating pretty much impossible as well. As the game continues on, the harder the questions become.

After each question, Rogowsky will announce the correct answer and players who get the question wrong, are automatically out of the game, unless they happen to have an extra life, which are themselves difficult to come by. After all questions have been accounted for, the night’s winnings, which vary each game, are divided evenly among the remaining players.

However, the Winner-Takes-All edition is slightly different. Instead of the standard 12, Hart and Rogowsky will continue to throw out questions until there is only one trivia player left standing and that player alone will walk away with the entire $100,000.

While players will still have the option to use up their extra lives if they have them, should the game hit question 15, using that extra life will no longer be permitted from then on.

“Back at school? Kevin Hart is giving away enough money to pay your tuition and then some,” HQ said in a released statement.

Wednesday’s game is being sponsored by Hart’s up-coming comedy, Night School, co-starring Tiffany Haddish, which hits theaters on September 28.