Now That ‘Bodyguard’ Is Finished, Here’s Four More Shows To Watch

Stuart C. WilsonGetty Images

BBC One’s political thriller and TV drama Bodyguard has been praised for making Sunday nights exciting again, and fans of Game of Thrones were pleased to see Richard Madden’s face again. However, all good things must come to an end, and Bodyguard made a big splash during its finale.

Many fans were pleased with the ending, citing it as one of the most exciting of the season, but that hasn’t stopped them from feeling a little empty-handed now that their Sunday night entertainment is gone. However, there’s quite a few shows left to fill the void, many of which are just as thrilling.

Here’s a quick countdown of what five shows you should watch next, from Amazon Prime originals to more BBC classics.

It’s impossible to talk about Bodyguard without mentioning Line of Duty, another Jed Mercurio creation. While it has a somewhat different premise, the crime drama still features much of the same charm and intrigue as its sister series. The first few seasons can be found on Netflix, where the most recent can be purchased through Amazon. Line of Duty also gives you something to look forward to, as the next season airs in 2019.

bodyguard cast
While we can't replace Bodyguard, we can try to fill the void it left. Featured image credit: Stuart C. WilsonGetty Images

Jack Ryan is next on our list, and we can’t get enough of John Krasinski. The former paper salesman has spread his wings and done some bafflingly good performances recently, most notably being his role in The Quiet Place. He recently got buff to play Jack Ryan, a CIA analyst and modern-day superhero. According to the Independent, you can watch Jack go head to head with terrorists through Prime Video.

Another show gaining traction is Killing Eve, the TV adaptation of a series of novels by Luke Jennings. Critics love this one, and you will too. Starring Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer, the show keeps you on your feet with stunning performances, visuals, and quick-witted dialogue. There’s nothing quite like tracking down a psychopathic assassin to bring out the dramatics in people.

Netflix users might be familiar with Marcella‘s title-card, but nothing can prepare you for the show within. Written by Hans Rosenfeldt and starring Anna Friel, the show packs similar cliffhangers to Bodyguard. It follows a police officer returning to her job, only to be faced with a familiar case that leaves her unsettled. While it has a similar premise to many crime dramas, it certainly doesn’t feel typical.

Regardless of your taste in television, these are four shows that might live up to the high of Bodyguard. Here’s to cliffhangers, plot-twists, and high stakes.