WWE News: Kurt Angle Reveals His Worst Match Ever & Has Unique Idea For ‘205 Live’ Superstars


WWE superstar Kurt Angle recently held another Q&A on his Facebook. Among the many inquiries, one fan asked the WWE Hall of Famer what was his worst match ever. Kurt Angle gave an answer that surprised many fans, as EWrestling reported.

“The one that I remember was the Lumberjack Match with Eddie Guerrero [on an episode of SmackDown]. Eddie wasn’t feeling well that night. The match dragged on and on. Eddie kept telling me something was wrong. He kept telling me to put him in a hold so he could get his mind and body straight. It was not the Eddie that we all knew, ‘the greatest of all-time.’ He was physically and emotionally exhausted that night. It was a failure on my part because I kept pushing him to go harder, I should have listened to him.”

Kurt Angle concluded his answer by stating that Eddie Guerrero was more than just a fellow wrestler to him, that Eddie was like a brother. Kurt said that the lumberjack match on SmackDown was a bad night for him and a bad night for Eddie.

The one thing the WWE isn’t short of is television programming. Between Raw, SmackDown, NXT, and 205 Live, fans are given over seven hours of WWE programming each week — not including other shows like Main Event, Total Divas, Total Bellas, and Miz & Mrs. Because of the quantity of WWE programming, some shows struggle in viewership simply because many fans can’t keep up with all of the brands.

The show 205 Live is usually recorded immediately after SmackDown in front of the same audience, so much of the live crowd tends to leave while the cruiserweight show is being filmed. More than just struggling with attendance, viewership has been low for 205 Live. On Facebook, Kurt Angle was asked if he thinks 205 Live superstars should be featured on Raw and SmackDown. Angle gave a unique answer, and if the WWE were to use his idea, it may just help ratings and audience attendance.

As EWrestling reported, Angle said he thinks it would be a good idea for 205 Live superstars to be featured on Raw and SmackDown. The WWE Hall of Famer stated that he thinks one cruiserweight should be highlighted each month on the two main brands. His idea is to have a 205 superstar face the top heavyweights on Raw and SmackDown, and then the WWE can see which wrestlers the fans get behind. Once the WWE sees which 205 wrestlers are popular, Angle said that the WWE can then push them into superstar mode, and then fans would have their next Rey Mysterio.

You can read Kurt Angle’s entire Q&A by visiting the WWE superstar’s official Facebook.