‘Bull’ Season 3 Premiere: What Fans Want To See

Jemal CountessGetty Images

The Season 3 premiere of CBS series Bull airs tomorrow night at its new time slot of 10 p.m. EST. As those who watched the Season 2 finale back in May recall, Bull left fans sitting on the edge of their seat with a major cliffhanger. As fans gear up for the premiere tomorrow night, let’s take a closer look at some of the things fans both want – and need – to see this season.

That Jason Bull survives his heart attack.

In the Season 2 finale episode entitled “Death Sentence,” Jason Bull (played by Michael Weatherly) came out victorious in what may have been his greatest win thus far in the series. Unfortunately, Dr. Bull didn’t have time to celebrate the victory. Instead, he heads outside and calls 911 — after lying down on the top steps of the federal courthouse — when he realizes something is very wrong. When the operator answers the phone, Bull reveals that he believes he’s having a heart attack.

“I think I need an ambulance. I think I’m having a heart attack.”

While fans have every reason to believe Jason will survive — given that the series itself is named after him — the Season 2 finale did leave his well-being in limbo.

So, the first thing fans want to see in the Season 3 premiere is what happened to Jason after he called 911.

A new and likable hacker to replace Cable.

Unfortunately, as Deadline confirmed, Annabelle Attanasio will not be returning to play the role of her character, Cable McCrory, in Season 3. Annabelle was given an opportunity to direct her first feature film and it conflicted with the Bull shooting schedule too much for her to carry on in her role.

While it is unclear how the character will be written out of the show, it is clear that Dr. Bull cannot do his job properly without a skilled hacker with loose morals by his side. So, someone will have to step in to take Cable’s place. As Cable was a very likable character throughout Season 1 and Season 2 of the series, these are huge shoes for someone to fill.

More personal cases and more personal stories.

As Bull entered Season 2, Jason took on some very personal cases related to his TAC team. Viewers of the show also got the opportunity to take a closer look into the background and history of some of the characters. During Season 3, a lot of fans really want to see Jason continue to develop close bonds with his TAC staff members.

A new love interest for Bull.

As viewers learned more about Jason and his ex-wife, they couldn’t help but want to see Dr. Bull in a loving relationship with someone. Toward the end of Season 2, his ex-wife even told him that he wasn’t any good alone — and indicated he needed to find someone to be with. Whether the writers decide to pursue a relationship between Marissa and Jason, or whether they introduce someone new, Dr. Bull needs a love interest this season.

Tune in tomorrow night on CBS to see what happened to Dr. Bull and company.