Netflix Won’t Renew ‘Maniac’ For Season 2 – Here’s Why


Netflix dropped a series called Maniac starring Emma Stone, Jonah Hill, and Justin Theroux on Friday — and subscribers can’t stop talking about it.

The series tells the story of two struggling strangers (Emma and Jonah) who connect while participating in a high-risk pharmaceutical drug trial. The treatment promises to cure both individuals of all psychological troubles and pains. The mind bending treatment forces them to confront their inner demons by enduring a series of dreams related to traumas in their past.

The general consensus on Twitter is a sense of enthralled confusion as fans engage with this intriguing series. With the 10 episodes ranging between 25 and 50 minutes in length, subscribers with a habit of binging through a series have had more than enough time to watch Maniac from start to finish. Those who have watched all 10 episodes have one simple question in mind — will Netflix renew the series for Season 2?

Per What’s On Netflix — a fan site dedicated to all things Netflix — it is highly unlikely the series will return for a second season.

The biggest reason why the Netflix fan site suspects that there is no chance of a Season 2 is because Maniac was released by the streaming giant as a “Limited Series.” In the content library, the 10 episodes are not even listed as “Season 1.”

It is also unlikely for the series to be renewed simply because Maniac had one story to tell – and having done so – Netflix may not have any incentive to renew the series for any additional episodes. What’s On Netflix also pointed out that when the streaming giant labels something as a “Limited Series” it is almost a guarantee that they have no intention of ever doing any type of renewal or additional seasons.

Another big issue with the idea of bringing Maniac back for a second season is that it would require finding someone new to take the director’s chair. According to Variety, Cary Fukunaga completely supports the idea of bringing the series back for more if there is enough demand for it. He, however, does not plan on returning to direct any additional seasons or episodes for the series.

Screen Rant, however, disagreed with What’s On Netflix and that believes there is an opportunity for a second season if Netflix decided to renew the series. While it wouldn’t make sense to bring Emma and Jonah back — because their stories more or less concluded at the end of Season 1 — Dr. Mantleray (Justin Theroux) and Dr. Fujita (Sonoya Mizuno) could continue on in their quest to cure psychological illnesses.

At this time, Netflix hasn’t said anything to confirm or deny the production of a Season 2 for Maniac.