Meryl Streep Gushes Over BFF Tracy Ullman At The Tribeca TV Fest

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Silver screen icon Meryl Streep took time from her busy schedule to shower her best friend, sketch comedian Tracy Ullman, with love. According to Vulture, the pair were at the Tribeca Film Fest on Friday for the premiere of the third season of Ullman’s show, The Tracy Ullman Show. When the pair walked out on stage, their love for each other was obvious — they walked out holding hands. Streep gushed over Ullman’s talent, saying “you absorb people,” referring to the latter’s ability to truly embrace the characters she portrays. Ullman made note of her friendship with Streep, saying “you’re family to me” to the Big Little Lies actress.

During the panel, the women spoke about their lives and how they came to know each other. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Streep said that the pair met when she was 32 and Ullman was in her early 40s. They have starred in several movies together, including Plenty and Into The Woods.

Ullman said that had she met Streep sooner, that she would have not only been invited to her wedding, but she probably would have been named the maid of honor. Ullman was then asked if she would feature Streep on her show.

“If she wanted to, sure.” But Ullman clarified that when the pair sees each other, their “just mums when we’re together. All our kids know us and they tell us to shut up.”

Even though the women lavished praise on one another, they still joked around. When Streep pointed out that she had the “number one” microphone, Ullman jokingly asked if that meant she was number two.

“It’s always gonna be that way guys. She’s made sure. [It] has to be about her! It’s my night,” Ullman said. The women pretended to fight, with Ullman pretending to storm offstage before returning. “We’re acting. Acting!”

Tracey Ullman and Meryl Streep at Tribeca Film Fest.
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The two commiserated over what it is like to be in the movie business. Though they both acknowledged that it was a privilege, Streep said that it is hard sometimes to be “Meryl Streep, or whatever that thing is.”

“It’s tough for you sometimes. Some people see me on the street and they say, ‘I’ve got a cousin like you, she’s crazy too. She should have a show. She’s really funny too.’ Why doesn’t she have a show then? They see you, and people start fainting and stuff. Sometimes I have to do security,” said Ullman.