Brett Kavanaugh’s Friend, Mark Judge, Has Been Writing About Georgetown Prep Partying For A Living

Win McNameeGetty Images

The other high school student that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford says was in the room the night she alleges that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her back in the ’80s was writer Mark Judge, who has published books, articles, and social media posts about the hedonistic party life when he was friends with the now judge at Georgetown Prep.

The Washington Post says that the man who Dr. Ford says can confirm that Brett Kavanaugh assaulted her is indeed Mark Judge, and her counsel wants to question him under oath. Judge says he wants no part in the hearings and does not recall the party at all. But if Judge’s writings about his high school adventures are to be believed, his heavy drinking might be to blame.

In one of his books about being a high school party boy, Judge says that he and his friends pledged to drink 100 kegs before graduation from the all-male Catholic school in Bethesda, Maryland. In the school yearbook, Kavanaugh documented that he was the treasurer of the “100 Kegs or Bust Club.”

In 2015, Judge wrote yet another article defending his party days in the early ’80s.

“I’ll be the first one to defend guys being guys. [Judge described years of] drinking and smoking and hooking up.”

In one of his confessionals, Wasted: Tales of A Gen X Drunk, Judge admits that he often drank way too much, but so did many of “the girls.”

“Most of the time everyone, including the girls, was drunk.” Wasted is a memoir of his alcoholism and recovery. “If you could breathe and walk at the same time, you could hook up with someone. This did not mean going all the way… but after a year spent in school without girls, heavy petting was basically an orgy.”

But The Daily Mail says that Mark Judge seems annoyed at being brought into the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, despite memorializing the decade in question in various books and articles.

“I did not ask to be involved in this matter nor did anyone ask me to be involved. The only reason I am involved is because Dr. Christine Blasey Ford remembers me as the other person in the room during the alleged assault.”

He stated that he does not want to testify under oath as part of Kavanaugh’s hearings. Judge refers to Brett Kavanaugh as a “high school friend.”

“I have no more information to offer the Committee and I do not wish to speak publicly regarding the incidents described in Dr. Ford’s letter.”