Emily Ratajkowski Stuns With Sexy Princess Dress, Flower In Her Hair During D & G Runway Show

Rich FuryGetty Images

American model and actress Emily Ratajkowski turned out in absolute style during her appearance for the Dolce & Gabbana Spring and Summer 2019 show in Milan, Italy. According to Vogue, she was not the only high-octane personality in attendance as Cardi B, Monica Bellucci, and Carla Bruni were also present at the event.

Ratajkowski, as always, stole the show with her unquantifiable charisma and stunning good looks. Taking to the runway in a breezy, semi-transparent blue dress that seemed to channel something like Belle from Beauty and the Beast or any number of other Disney princesses, Ratajkowski embodied grace and beauty during her D & G appearance. The dress featured a fully-laced front which was a provacative choice in its own right, sheer enough to reveal much of the model’s trim physique beneath. Underneath the dress a pair of black undergarments can be outlined, protecting Ratajkowksi’s modesty.

Her makeup was classically rosy, with accented cheekbones moderated by blush and large, plump lips emphasized even further by a pretty pink. Impossibly long lashes jutted out beneath perfectly sculpted eyebrows, her gaze steely and full of fierce resolve. Her hair is mostly pulled back behind her head, with some long strands left free to frame her face on either side. A bright red flower — what appears to be a very large rose — is pinned to her hair on the right side.

Ratajkowski’s Instagram post of the image above has already stirred a great amount of interest amongst her social media following, attracting over 400,000 likes and over 1,400 comments since having been posted earlier in the day. Commentors were almost unanimous in their praise of the outfit and of her pose, complimenting her on her poise and beauty.

The Dolce & Gabbana Spring and Summer 2019 show has been making waves on social media platforms, the #DGDNA and #DGWOMENSS19 hashtags leading to a plethora of snapshots and video shares on Instagram and Twitter. Carla Bruni walked for the show, decked out in a resplendently bold paisley patterned suit — all silver and gold filigree. The 50-year-old supermodel showed that she still had the moves, stunning fashionistas in attendance with the eye-catching ensemble.

Fellow actress Monica Bellucci also took to the thrust in haute couture fashion, toning down the typically experimental designs common to such shows with a simpler polka-dot print dress that appeared both fitted and flattering to her famous figure. Cut beautifully about the chest, forearms, and below the knee, the dress in question appears to be something that nearly every woman could wear across a variety of seasons and social settings.

Ratajkowski and company certainly made an impression during this season’s Dolce & Gabbana runway show, setting yet another high bar for those who follow.