Two Days Before Jenna Cooper Accused Reality Steve Of Posting Fake Texts, He Told Her To ‘Bring It’

Paul HebertABC

Reality Steve was probably not prepared for the drama that ensued after the latest season of Bachelor in Paradise. After all, he’s a huge part of Bachelor Nation culture, and he’s many people’s to-go source for season spoilers. So he’s usually one step ahead of the game. But once he was contacted by one of Jenna’s lovers, who accused Cooper of not only cheating on Jordan but manipulating the situation to help her business, things got really dark and confusing. And in the wake of Steve publishing texts that were allegedly sent to Jenna to her secret lover, the happily engaged couple quickly became single.

In Jenna’s most recent Instagram post, she directly addresses Reality Steve and says the following.

“I challenge Stephen Carbone to provide the text files he posted to his ‘blog’ to all of us. He WILL NOT because he doesn’t want you to know that the texts were not from me – it would kill his story.”

Two days before Jenna made these claims, Reality Steve posted on his blog that he was ready for whatever Jenna wanted to throw his way. This is what he said.

“Here’s the update I’ll give on the Jordan/Jenna situation. I stand by my reporting. There’s nothing new to report. I don’t out my sources, so there’s nothing more to share. The story is 9 days old, Jenna has released 2 Instagram posts and that’s it. I haven’t heard from her, I haven’t heard from anyone involved from her legal team – nothing.”

Steve also added the following.

“If Jenna does anything, then I’ll respond to it, but honestly, I don’t think she will because I don’t see anything she can do. And the longer she takes to do anything, the less I’ll believe it anyway. Her last IG post she mentioned this stuff takes “weeks.” Uhhhhh, no it doesn’t. If you have some sort of proof of anything, you would’ve posted it by now. Saying it’s fabricated on an IG post means nothing when you follow it up with nothing.”


So we’ll just have to wait and see if Steve will release more information about the texts, or if he will continue to keep the information confidential, citing privacy concerns for his sources.

While some people speculate that maybe Steve has something to hide, others can’t seem to get over their “feeling” that Jenna is guilty. Perhaps this has a lot to do with the fact that Jordan has ditched her to deal with the aftermath on her own, which make people think that Jenna is guilty. And whatever private information Jordan accessed to make his decision to leave the relationship, perhaps that should be something he discusses with Jenna in person.

Whatever the case, we’ll just have to see how Steve responds publicly to Jenna’s accusations. According to Jenna, Steve’s lawyer did say that “Regardless, whether the information provided to Mr. Carbone was actually the truth is not the relevant inquiry,” so we also need to wait and find out what that means.