Selena Gomez Deletes Most-Liked Instagram Photo Fueling Plastic Surgery Rumors

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Selena Gomez has baffled fans by deleting her most-liked Instagram photo which she posted recently.

The star posted a slideshow of two photos on September 9, according to Business Insider. The pics quickly amassed 10 million likes, a new record for the 26-year-old. Gomez is seen wearing a skin-tight strapless black dress, and she is holding a cocktail drink in her hand. Her hair is pulled into a high ponytail, and she is sporting a cat-eye as she looks directly into the camera. In the other photo, Gomez is sipping on her drink. It’s little wonder that the photo caught the attention of her fans.

Although the vast majority of her followers commented on how beautiful the singer looked, there were some comments about how her body’s proportions seemed different. It seems as if her cleavage was in dispute with some people believing that her décolletage seemed fuller in the snaps. Some even speculated that the “Back To You” singer may have had breast augmentation surgery.

Days after posting the Instagram photo, it was removed on September 20. Many of Gomez’s fans are now questioning why she would remove her most-liked pic so abruptly. Now many people believe that she took the post down because there may be some truth in the plastic surgery rumors which have been circling the star.

Other fans are defending Gomez by suggesting that she received so much hate from the cleavage post that she felt forced to delete it. From Gomez’s side, there has been no official word as to why she deleted her post.

A possible reason could be that Gomez realizes that she is one of the most prominent influencers of this generation. In fact, she has the world’s most followed Instagram account, with 142 million followers. Gomez told Elle that she has to be selective about the internet and what she puts online.

“I haven’t been on the Internet in months. I don’t have my password for Instagram. I have no apps on my phone, no photo editing apps. I have Peak, a brain game.”

“I know my voice is very prominent, but I’m not careless with it. I’m selective. As far as my personal life, someone sees me having a glass of wine? I could give two shits. I’m not trying to hide. That’s my life. I’m living it the way I want to live it. But it’s about making a conscious effort…”

The question remains that if she needed to get her password to post the picture, did she need permission to take it down again?