Tebow Trade Rumors: Does The NFL Quarterback Still Have A Future?

Tebow trade rumors have NFL fans divided on whether to support the 25-year-old NFL quarterback. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the New York Jets are considering whether to trade Tim Tebow for a NFL draft pick.

Back in March of 2010 the raw numbers seemed much in favor of Tim Tebow’s future in the NFL as a quarterback. When Cold Hard Football Facts compared Tim Tebow’s college career statistics against great SEC quarterbacks such as Peyton and Eli Manning, Tim Couch, JaMarcus Russell, and Matt Stafford they found Tebow was the highest rated passer in the history of SEC football. They acknowledged that winning a Heisman trophy and two national titles did not automatically entail success in the NFL, but they felt the raw numbers were in Tim Tebow’s favor at the time by a large margin.

Fast forward to April of 2012 and we Tim Tebow unfortunately has a very different set of statistics with the NFL. As the Bleacher Reports said a year ago, Tim Tebow is doing an average job as a quarterback:

“Compared to the rest of the NFL starting quarterbacks (regular season), here is how Tim Tebow ranks: QB record: 7-4 (11th), completion percentage: 46.5% (34th, worst), interception percentage: 2.2% (9th), yards per completion: 13.7 (3rd), yards per game: 123.5 (35th), QBR: 72.9 (28th), sacks taken: 33 (12th), sacks percentage when attempting a pass: 10.9% (34th, worst), comebacks led in the 4th quarter: 5 (3rd) and game winning drives: 6 (tied for 2nd). So there are the stats, cold, hard, honest, undeniable. There is no question that based on statistics Tim Tebow is an average-to-below-average NFL quarterback.”

The Bleacher Reports summarize their assessment of the Tebow trade rumors by saying that Tebow needs to work on his accuracy in order to have a continuing career as a NFL quarterback:

“The reality is that when [Tim Tebow] threw balls that were neither thrown away nor into tight coverage, he was still unreliable. His accuracy needs work, his throwing motion needs work, his footwork on drop backs needs work and his coverage reads need to be quicker. But we all know that. It’s been talked to death. He’s young and he just isn’t polished at this point in his career. It’s impossible to say he never will be unless you have a crystal ball, one’s ability to tell the future is a baseless argument.”

This assessment has not changed much in almost a year. The Tim Tebow Trade rumors have the Bleacher Reports repeating themselves:

“Tebow needs to work countless hours with the ultimate goal of improving his accuracy when making throws from the pocket. Being able to make those routine throws with consistency will add the much-needed second element that he’s currently lacking.”

Another option is for Tim Tebow to consider another position besides quarterback. New York Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano said that he “think[s] Tim Tebow can be good at whatever he wants to be good at.” Either way, the Jets cannot make a trade until March 12 at the earliest.

What do you think about the Tim Tebow trade rumors? Do you think that Tim Tebow should consider another position in the NFL? Why do you think Tim Tebow is so controversial?