‘Trump Has Completely Destroyed The Republican Party,’ Charles Rangel Says

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Former Democratic Party Congressman Charles Rangel said Sunday that President Donald Trump has “completely destroyed the Republican Party,” The Hill reports.

Rangel, who served as the Chair of the House Committee on Ways and Means, believes Donald Trump’s presidency has not only destroyed the Republican Party but polarized the American society as a whole.

“It is a terrible thing because it doesn’t give Americans an opportunity to vote on the issues. It’s either you’re for Trump or against Trump.”

A highly divisive figure, President Trump has previously been accused of causing discord, generating chaos, and sowing division within the Republican Party itself.

Recently, as the Inquisitr reported, GOP strategist Mike Murphy criticized his party for becoming the party of Donald Trump, arguing that this metamorphosis could damper Republicans’ chances in November, and become an “anchor” around Republicans’ necks in this fall’s midterms.

According to Charles Rangel – whose criticism of the president appears broader and harsher than Murphy’s – Donald Trump has indeed managed to destroy the Republican Party, and there is no going back. The party has abandoned most of its fundamental political ideals, Rangel claims, and “good Republicans” have been effectively forced out of the party, and have nowhere to go.

“The worst that we have in America has joined up with Trump and good Republicans have nowhere to go,” Rangel opined.

In order to survive, the Republican Party – which President Trump has destroyed, according to Rangel – is beyond saving, so the only option left is the creation of a new Republican Party. This new party would, according to a former Democratic congressman, divorce itself from Trump, and therefore restore credibility.

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“We’re talking about starting a brand new Republican Party with principles that every Democrat would have to take a look at,” Rangel said.

This new party, founded on principles that could be attractive to Democrats, would be a worthy competitor to the Democratic Party, Rangel claims.

“Where this new party would be competing with the Democratic Party because the principles would be the same,” he said.

While some, like Rangel, may argue that Trump has destroyed the Republican Party, others claim that the President has not destroyed it, but don’t deny his iron grip on the GOP.

In August, the New Yorker argued that President Trump’s influence on his party can be best observed by monitoring his Twitter activity, since many Republican candidates across the country appear to be looking for the president’s Twitter endorsement, doing everything to avoid getting on his bad side.

Trump’s strategy of using social media to galvanize his base, and endorse some of his colleagues is not destroying the Republican Party. Trump is, however, remaking the party, forcing critics to leave the scene, according to the Wall Street Journal.