Twitch Streamer ‘Dr. Disrespect’ Has Shots Fired At House And Car

Twitch, a popular streaming service that allows viewers to watch footage in real-time, has become ubiquitous in many gaming circles. While it can be used for other purposes, it is predominantly used for video game streams. Many of these streamers will play games for hours at a time, showing off their skills and making jokes.

Because the service allows viewers a direct, unfiltered look into people’s homes and lives, unexpected and disturbing things can occur.

That being said, Twitch has hosted some strange and unsettling things in the past. Users have captured paranormal activity while streaming, while others have gotten “swatted” while trying to play video games. A suicide was broadcasted over one stream, and even the early moments of the tragic 2018 Madden tournament were livestreamed using the service.

Much of the site operates under personas and usernames, and the community is rife with toxic behavior. Some streamers have encountered harassment, and death threats aren’t uncommon. However, it’s disturbing and unusual for the verbal violence to carry into real life.

Just recently, a popular streamer called Dr. Disrespect had to stop his broadcast prematurely after shots were fired at his home.

According to PC Gamer, loud noises are heard off-screen, and Doc leaves his chair to investigate. When he returns, he’s removed his costume and adopted a solemn expression.

“I’ve got to end the broadcast right now, someone shot at our house,” he said to viewers. “Broke the f***ing upstairs window. This is the second shot, someone shot yesterday, at our f***ing house…”

As mentioned above, this isn’t the first time Dr. Disrespect has encountered issues. Comic Book reported that his home has been shot at before, which resulted in one of his car windows being shattered. Police later confirmed this story and said they were looking into the issue.

Guy Beahm, also known as Doc, took to Twitter after the incident to let fans know he and his family were safe. Police later announced that the house had been shot at with a BB gun, not an actual firearm.

Despite this ordeal, Beahm has told viewers that he plans on resuming his normal streaming schedule. While this seems like the end of the matter, it does come as disturbing news to many people — especially after the Madden tournament shooting. Many are wondering if these acts of violence are on the rise, and some are concerned for their safety and the safety of other streamers.