Noah Centineo Was Stalked By Fans Waiting For Him At The Airport, Not Once, But Twice: ‘It Was Scary’

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They say there’s always a price for fame and for new Hollywood heartthrob Noah Centineo, this couldn’t be truer. While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! On Friday, Centineo recalled the rather terrifying experience of how a group of fans stalked him at the airport, not once, but twice, per E! News.

With two hit Netflix movies under his belt, Noah Centineo, 22, has worked his way into becoming a leading man when it comes to rom-com films. With the successes of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, Centineo is definitely starting to feel the fame.

“I guess people just like Netflix. And they like rom-coms, and I was fortunate enough to book two random ones that got sold to Netflix,” he told Kimmel of his newfound celebrity status.

It’s not as if Centineo is a newcomer when it comes to the world of acting. The Florida native portrayed the role of Jesus Adams-Foster on the Freeform family series The Fosters until the series finale in June.

However, as Netflix is one of the world’s most popular streaming platforms, Centineo has become even more recognizable. But as it turns out, the rate at which people are starting to take notice of him is actually somewhat terrifying.

Centineo recalled the time a group of fans stalked him at John F. Kennedy airport in New York.

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I still see you

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“I went to New York for work and I was at baggage claim and I had my headphones on and I was waiting for my bag to come out,” he started telling the talk-show host. “I feel a presence approach me and without even knowing, I had to side step and take my headphones off and there’s, like, four people looking at me,” he continued.

Centineo went on to reveal that the group of people had not actually gotten off any flight—they were there waiting for him.

“I was like, ‘Hi,’ and they were like, ‘Hey! Hi! How was your flight?’ I said, ‘It was good. How was yours?’ And they were like, ‘No, no, we didn’t fly. We were here for you,” he revealed.

According to the SPF-18 actor, his fans “somehow knew I was flying into JFK at that time and they parked in the same place where the driver parks. They walked us to the car, and then they followed the car to the city.”

“It was actually kind of scary. It was the first time you look at something and you think, ‘Oh wow, my life is changing,” he admitted.

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Rock Formations. Am I right?

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However, it wasn’t the last time Centineo would come face-to-face with those same fans, as they stalked him again.

“I went back a second time to the same airport. And they were there again. The same people, except they added another person,” Centineo explained.

This time around, however, the Can’t Take It Back actor put his foot down and spoke up.

“I said, ‘Look, I love your love. I love the fact that you care about me…Just don’t follow me. The rest is cool—just don’t follow me,” he concluded.

Fans can watch To All The Boys I’ve Loved Be Before and Sierra Burgess Is a Loser streaming on Netflix now.