Hilary Duff Had To Ask Paparazzi To Stop ‘Hunting’ Her Down While Pregnant, And It’s Shameful To Watch

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Hilary Duff fans all know that she’s nine months pregnant right now. She’s looking great, that’s for sure, but it looks like one paparazzi got off on the wrong foot with the actress. Although she’s no stranger to having people take her photo, it appeared that one man was stalking her for a little too long, and got little too close for comfort. Hilary took to Instagram to share a video of herself asking the man to leave her alone, and the exchange is shameful.

In the captions, Duff explained that the man had followed her to her son’s soccer game, parked near her sister’s house’s driveway, and then continued to tail her as she had to run errands. It sounds like Hilary asked the man to stop following her, but he wouldn’t listen. So she was forced to take a video, which hopefully did the trick eventually. But this is what the exchange was between the two, according to Slate.

Hilary Duff: … months pregnant, and I have the flu, and I’ve asked you once to leave me alone. Can you please stop taking my picture? You’re like, hunting me down.

Paparazzo: I didn’t get any photos yet.

HD: It doesn’t matter. I’m just asking you to please leave me alone for the day.

P: It’s okay.

HD: You’ve like, hunted me.

P: I didn’t get any photos.

HD: I know but I feel very uncomfortable. Please, please leave a pregnant woman alone.

P: I lost my whole morning, I didn’t get no photos. It’s all fine.

HD: It’s not my fault. Please leave me alone, it’s the weekend, sir, please.

Perhaps one of the most cringe-worthy moments is when the man complains at Hilary, saying “I lost my whole morning, I didn’t get no photos.”

Since the video was posted, it has received a huge amount of attention. With more than 1.5 million plays and more than 11,000 comments so far, it’s obviously caught the attention of a ton of Hilary fans.

Many people defended Hilary, shaming the man for bothering a pregnant woman. Others wondered if the actress had taken note of his license plate in order to report him to the police, which angered other fans that pointed out that the police probably wouldn’t do anything. Most fans agreed with Hilary that the behavior was wrong, and people said that it made them feel sick to watch the exchange. And while some people tried to see the situation from the man’s perspective, it doesn’t look like anyone thinks that his behavior is justified.