National Guard Soldier Returns From Hurricane Florence Relief Efforts To Find Burglars Ransacked His Home

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An Army National Guardsman who had been helping disaster victims for ten days returned to a different disaster at his home, according to KPTV.

Luis Ocampo, 24, was away helping those impacted by Hurricane Florence along North Carolina’s coast for more than a week, but when he returned to his Charlotte home after his service, he found it had been ransacked by robbers.

Ocampo shares the home with his girlfriend, Kailey Finch, and one-year-old son, reports WSOCTV. The robbery took place on Thursday night when Finch was not at home. A shocked Finch said she could not understand why anyone would rob their house.

“I don’t know how people can be so terrible,” she said.

The family believes that robbers might have entered through a back door and ransacked the place. Police officials said that a number of things had been stolen from Ocampo’s house, including a gun, a large TV, a gaming system, a laptop Ocampo uses for schoolwork and even some specialty coins and jewelry.

Finch was left inconsolable after the robbery.

“If I was (to) do that to someone, I feel like I would feel really bad afterward. I would be like, I see this family struggling and I just messed up their life even worse.”

Soldier returns from Florence duty to find house ransacked.
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But more than the valuables, Finch is angry that someone would rob the house of a soldier who is doing his all to help disaster victims.

“He does a lot for everybody. He always wants to make sure that everybody gets help,” Finch said of her boyfriend Ocampo.

Following the incident, Ocampo’s family members have decided to install an alarm system in the house, while a fellow soldier also started a GoFundMe page to help Ocampo recover the costs of the lost goods.

“Luis Ocampo is an NC army medic with 6 years of honorable service,” the creator of the page wrote.

“He did all he could to help those in a time of need and now he is the one in a time of need. Every penny could help himself, his girlfriend and their baby. I have worked closely with Ocampo, in the national guard and he is an amazing soldier and person. I am honored to know him and cannot believe something so terrible could happen to someone so dedicated to the service, his family and school.”

Fortunately, the GoFundMe page has already surpassed the $5,000 goal set up initially, with people having donated nearly $15,000 at the time of this writing.