Selena Gomez Offers Her Fans Advice On How To Move On And Forget About An Ex

Richard ShotwellGetty Images

Selena Gomez got up close and personal with her fans early Saturday morning. According to a recent report by Hollywood Life, Gomez treated her Instagram followers to a rare, live Q&A session so that they may get to know her better on her own terms, as she has stated that she isn’t entirely a fan of the media and their way of handling fact from fiction.

While no questions were off-limits, the 26-year-old popstar chose to answer at random and when one of her fans inquired on the best way “to forget about someone,” presumably an ex, the “Wolves” singer had the perfect response.

“You can’t really just like forget someone,” she began. “You kind of have to just figure out why you’re still holding on to them,” she added.

The “It Aint Me” singer then proceeded to offer her fans some questions for thought when considering whether or not to make the decision to truly forget about that certain someone.

“Like why do you want to forget them? And then I think that’s where you start. Ask yourself that question, like why do you want to forget them? And did they hurt you? And if they did, and it’s not healthy for you to go back, or to that thought, that’s not good,” she advised.

While the “Back To You” singer’s response could easily be applicable to other people besides a former flame, it’s not surprising that she knew how to answer the question, as forgetting about an ex is something Gomez has had to do more than once herself.

As many fans are aware by now, Gomez was in an on-and-off relationship with Canadian-born popstar Justin Bieber for eight years. After ending their romance yet again back in March, many fans believed it would only be a short matter of time before the two reconnected once more.

However, following their split, Bieber seemed to move on pretty quickly, as he was seen hanging out with Hailey Baldwin not long after. As of today, the couple is engaged and there are multiple rumors that the two already secretly wed.

“As far as losing someone, I mean, you never do. Sometimes forgetting can be a bad thing. Sometimes you might need to be reminded of something,” she concluded.

To this day, Gomez has refused to publicly comment about the “Sorry” singer’s quick engagement to the model, but it has been reported that some of the songs in her upcoming album will touch on the subject.

While Gomez and Bieber was in one of their “off” stages, the “Same Old Love” singer was romantically linked to another singer, The Weekend, for 10 months before splitting in October of last year.

Gomez’s live video has since been deleted from her Instagram.