Kim Kardashian Furious With Tristan Thompson After He’s Spotted Partying With Mystery Women, Per ‘HL’

Astrid StawiarzGetty Images

Kim Kardashian is reportedly furious with Tristan Thompson after he was photographed partying with two mystery women while Khloe Kardashian was at home with their daughter.

According to a Sept. 22 report by Hollywood Life, Kim Kardashian was not happy when she saw photos of Tristan Thompson leaving a Hollywood nightclub in the wee hours of the morning with two unidentified women, especially since Khloe Kardashian was nowhere in sight.

“Kim is furious with Tristan. She thinks he should be home with Khloe, helping with the baby. Kim is fiercely protective of all of her sisters so when she found out that Tristan was going out without Khloe, she lost her temper,” an insider told the outlet.

The source later added that Kardashian believes Thompson can’t be trusted due to his past history with infidelity. As many fans will remember, Tristan was busted cheating on Khloe back in April when photos and video of him with multiple other women surfaced online just days before Khloe gave birth to their daughter, True.

“Kim feels like, with Tristan’s history, he should never be going out without Khloe. She doesn’t understand what business Tristan has being out in the club when he has a baby at home. She hopes he was faithful all night, but with his questionable past, she does not know what to think,” the source dished.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kim has been the least willing of Khloe’s family members to forgive Tristan for his cheating scandal. Sources told Radar Online back in August that Thompson had mended fences with nearly everyone close to his baby mama, expect for Kim Kardashian.

An insider claims that Tristan thinks Kim is a bully, who “pushes everybody in her family around,” and he’s not going to let her push him or Khloe around.

“He’s seen Kim go off on Kourt and Khloe before in private and couldn’t believe how she comes off as holier than thou,” a source stated.

As many fans may remember, Kim was the first member of Khloe Kardashian’s family to speak out about Tristan Thompson’s cheating scandal. Only days after the news broke, Kim appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and told the talk show host that the entire situation was “f—ed up,” which allegedly angered Tristan, who later blocked the reality star on social media.

However, during Khloe’s birthday party over the summer, as shared by the Inquisitr, Kim Kardashian posted a video to her Instagram story asking Tristan Thompson to unblock her, which he did on camera for all of her followers to see.