Viral Video Shows Good Samaritan Rush To Save Elderly Woman Being Beaten By Kicking Her Attacker In The Face

Nathan Francis - Author

Oct. 30 2018, Updated 8:50 a.m. ET

A viral video from Russia shows a man rushing to help an elderly woman being brutally beaten The man kicked the attacker in the face so many times that he broke his foot.

The video was uploaded to YouTube this week and comes from the city of Klintsky. The video shows the cameraman/rescuer leaving his door and rushing down a sidewalk that sits between an apartment building and a park, with a woman’s desperate screams growing louder as he ran to her.

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When the man reached the attacker, he was on top of the elderly woman and repeatedly slamming her head into the ground. But the Good Samaritan wasted no time, delivering a kick to the man’s head that ended the attack and allowed the elderly woman to slip away. As the attacker tried to get up, the rescuer kicked him several more times in the head until he finally fell to the ground in a heap. Russian reports noted that the Good Samaritan only stopped when he broke his foot and could no longer kick the attacker.

The man then escorted the woman, who was bloodied and bruised, back into her apartment to safety.

The news site recounted the incident, saying the attacker was drunk and came to the woman’s door at 8:30 a.m., dragging her outside after she opened the door. The report noted that the man began to brutally beat the woman, but said her cries alerted neighbors, including the man who ran to rescue her — and film all of it.

The video has since gone viral across the internet and the world. It has received tens of thousands of user votes on the link-sharing site Reddit, where many praised the rescuer for his quick actions.

Others were disgusted and confounded at how someone could launch such a brutal and apparently unprompted attack on an elderly woman.

“How can you physically do that to an old lady?” one commented. “That was worse than just hitting her he was digging her face into the ground. Absolute disrespect. There’s no justice here until that man is in a Russian prison.”

It was not clear why the man attacked the woman. Russian media accounts claimed that he was a stranger and drunk at the time of the attack. Other reports claimed that he was attempting to rape the elderly woman.

Video of the Good Samaritan saving the elderly woman from being beaten can be seen here, but be warned that it contains some graphic scenes that can be disturbing for viewers.


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