Meet The Other Kate Middleton, A New Zealand Freediving Record Holder

The name Kate Middleton is in the news daily, for what she’s doing, wearing, and eating, but other than the Duchess of Cambridge, there is another Kate Middleton making news on the other side of the world. This Kate Middleton is a freediver and underwater yoga teacher on an island in Indonesia.

This Kate Middleton was born in Canada, but moved to New Zealand where she set country-wide records for freediving, says Freedive Earth. Born in 1987, Middleton now lives on the Indonesian island of Gili Trawangan where she owns the Freedive Gili Shop and Gili Yoga in a location that resembles paradise. Middleton also now teaches and certifies yoga teachers in her little slice of heaven.

Deeper Blue breaks down freedivers into four categories.

“Finners for Constant Weight (CWT); Gliders for Free Immersion (FIM); Swimmers for No-Fins (CNF) and All-Round Athletes (Triple A’s) for the ladies who boldly perform incredibly well in all categories, combined.”

Kate Middleton is a Triple A, and is well versed in all of the categories. She is an incredible athlete that uses her skills and endurance to set records as well as continue to perform dives that few others can accomplish.

Francesca Koe explains that it’s unusual to be an expert in one of the categories, let alone all three.

“The mastery in which they apply their skills to the varying disciplines is nothing short of astonishing; to be in the top 10 in at least two or usually, all three depth categories manifest their unique & adaptable strength. To visualize it in another way, just imagine that every time one of these powerful ladies attempts a target depth they are actually diving down (and propelling themselves back with only the air in their lungs) the average distance of the height of the ‘Big Ben’ clock-tower of London!”

Though Kate Middleton now offers training and coaching to others in freediving (as well as yoga on land and in the water), she is still considered a rock star in her own right, setting 14 National Records for New Zealand and dives to over 85 meters (280 feet).

Middleton says she now combines her loves of the water, yoga, and athletics with business in Indonesia.

“I was born and raised in Victoria, BC with a deep love for animals, the wilderness and living in harmony with nature. I found yoga as a teenager and it became my healing path from anxiety and disordered eating. Through the study of yoga, meditation, freediving, nutrition and embodied living, I embrace myself as I am, whole, complete and perfectly imperfect. Now I teach the transformative practices of authentic living and embodiment that helped me to heal, connect and thrive as a yoga teacher, business owner, and athlete.”