Beyonce Posts Stunning Photo And Inspirational New Video To Instagram

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With the On The Run II Tour coming to an end, the Carters only have six more shows left to perform.

The OTRII Tour began in the U.K. in early June, and has worked its way back to the United States over the course of 42 shows. Part-way through the tour, power-couple Beyonce and Jay-Z released an album, Everything Is Love, without warning, and switched their performance setlist.

Where the European leg of the tour featured music from 4:44 and Lemonade by Jay-Z and Beyonce respectively, they came together as The Carters to perform songs from Everything Is Love during their U.S. shows. This is their second tour together, following the first On The Run Tour in 2014.

According to the Arizona Republic, the two are still very much in love, and the tour has reflected that so far. While their music has always been a place for both of them to sing about their personal lives, their recent albums were deep cuts that exposed the true nature of their marriage and how they’ve come together over time.

For many, this tour has been the shining moment for Beyonce and Jay-Z’s relationship, and it has seen them come together as The Carters in ways never witnessed before.

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Thank you Phoenix. 6 more shows. Hey LA!

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Like all good things, On The Run II must come to an end, and that finale is drawing closer. To celebrate the coming end to their joint tour, Beyonce recently posted a series of photos and videos to her Instagram to commemorate the experience. One sees her in a costume from her Phoenix show, where another shows her posing in a fashionably casual outfit.

The video, however, was an montage of moments from the tour, narrated by the opening to the song “Black Effect” from Everything Is Love. As they’re carried through the memorable moments from the OTRII Tour, viewers are reminded of the experiences they’ve have shared with The Carters. From relationship drama to social commentary, OTRII has given fans a deep look into their lives and stories.

Everything Is Love, and by proxy, the second leg of On The Run II, contains different, more soulful performances from the two artists, and there’s a message to be found in every song, from “Black Effect” to “LoveHappy.”

“[LoveHappy] is about surviving, going through tumultuous situations but coming out on the bright side of it,” Denisia “Blu June” Andrews said to Rolling Stone. “That’s what love is.”

Beyonce and Jay-Z have several more shows to go, and they’ll be hitting several locations on the west coast — including Vancouver, Canada.