WWE News: Goldust Explains Why He Missed ‘All In,’ Promises To Be At Follow-Up Event


WWE veteran Goldust has remained loyal to the company where he first gained fame while working under the once-controversial gimmick, having chosen to stay even as his younger brother, Cody Rhodes, left the company in 2016. With Rhodes having enjoyed great success in the independent scene and having co-organized All In, an indy wrestling “supershow” that took place in the Chicago area earlier this month, Goldust admitted in a recent interview that he plans to attend the expected follow-up event after missing out on the first one.

Appearing earlier this week on the Sports Guys Talking Wrestling podcast, Goldust talked about how he wanted to support his younger brother and his friends at All In, only for the 49-year-old WWE mainstay to be told “by [his] office” that he couldn’t attend. While many fans might interpret this as WWE forbidding one of its talents to attend a high-profile independent wrestling show, he clarified that he was referring to the Williamson County (Texas) Sheriff’s Office. Despite recently undergoing surgery on both knees, Goldust has been working as an honorary deputy for the county since July, according to the WWE website.

“It sucks. I wanted to be there more than anything,” said Goldust, as quoted by Wrestling Inc.

“But to actually be on patrol in Williamson County and watching FITE TV on my phone and then on my iPad, and seeing the reactions and talking back and forth, because we had kind of a lackadaisical night [on patrol]. To watch the build-up and the matches and to finally get to that match and see my family there, my sisters, my mom. For [Cody Rhodes] to win and to see the emotion on his face, it was real.”

Later on, Goldust explained that watching his brother Cody win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship at All In reminded him of the emotional time when the brothers defeated The Shield for the WWE World Tag Team titles in October, 2013. He described the associated storyline, which also involved his and Cody’s father, WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes, as something that was “so real” and compelling enough to draw a “billion-dollar house.”

Although Goldust was not able to make it to the Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, for All In, he promised to be there if and when a follow-up event takes place.

“I cannot wait until All In 2. You can bet your a** I will be at that one.”

At the moment, neither Cody Rhodes nor his stablemates and real-life friends, The Young Bucks, have confirmed or denied the possibility of All In 2 taking place. But given the success of the first event, Comic Book speculated that there’s a very good chance a second event would be organized and scheduled, even if the possible venue remains up in the air.