‘90210’ Scheduled To Leave Netflix Next Month

Kevin WinterGetty Images

The CW isn’t a network Netflix subscribers usually have to worry about in regards to content being pulled from the Netflix library. This, unfortunately, isn’t true 100 percent of the time as 90210 is scheduled for removal from the U.S. Netflix library in October.

As What’s On Netflix reminds us, Netflix frequently purges older content from its library. This The CW series in particular has been off the air for five years. While fans of the series might argue there isn’t another teen drama anything like 90210, that doesn’t change the fact that there are many other teen dramas to indulge in on Netflix.

Netflix released the first season of 90210 back in 2012. The streaming giant quickly dropped additional seasons of the series until all five were available for streaming. In total, there are 114 episodes of 90210. All five seasons and 114 episodes are scheduled to be removed from Netflix next month on October 8.

Removal dates aren’t always set in stone.

While removal dates are not always set in stone, What’s On Netflix has no reason to believe the streaming giant will renew 90210 once the removal date passes. Netflix does have an ongoing contract with The CW to bring new seasons of shows currently airing on TV after the finale episode airs, such as Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl.

Older titles – even with a network Netflix currently has a contract with – often get cycled out as they do not bring in as many views as newer content.

How to Watch 90210

As an older series, 90210 is not readily available on other streaming services. Moreover, with the contract between The CW and Netflix, you don’t really see too many shows from The CW floating on other streaming services. Once the show expires on Netflix the only real option is to pay for the series by purchasing a hard copy or buying the digital content for $20 a season via Amazon Prime Video.

The show 90210 is a spin-off of Beverly Hills, 90210 that tells the story from Annie Wilson and her brother Dixon’s point of view. While the two are not the same show, Beverly Hills, 90210 is a happy alternative. The first season of this alternative is available on Amazon Prime Video with the additional seasons available for purchase. Otherwise, all 231 episodes of the series are available to Hulu subscribers.

Any Netflix subscribers with an interest in watching 90210 one more time should start binging through it now to make their way through all five seasons before the October 8 removal date.