Netflix Subscribers Up In Arms Over Bizarre Ill-Mannered Character Flaw

When a person goes to climb into bed, they may or may not keep their socks on. However, typically, they will at least remove their shoes – covered with the filth of the day – before climbing into their bed. Right?

According to Mashable, a lot of Netflix subscribers are up in arms after noticing a bizarre and ill-mannered trend among characters in Netflix Original films and series. What subscribers noticed was a lot of characters not removing their shoes before getting into bed.

“WHY THE F**K DOES EVERY F*****G NETFLIX MOVIE HAVE THESE F***ERS GETTING INTO THEIR BEDS WITH SHOES ON!!!! I AM DISGUSTED!!!!!! NO SHOES IN THE BED!! NO OUTSIDE CLOTHES IN THE BED,” one very annoyed Netflix subscriber exclaimed on Twitter in a post which has accumulated over 28,000 retweets and over 145,000 likes.

A quick glance on social media reveals this isn’t an isolated character flaw that happened in one movie or series, but an ongoing issue across many different pieces of content.

One Twitter user admitted that the issue with characters wearing shoes in bed was such a turn off that they couldn’t actually watch To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

“I couldnt watch that to all the boys blah blah netflix movie bc I saw a clip on twitter from the movie of someone getting into a bed with their shoes on AND getting under the covers and that ruined everything for me.”

Another chimed in to agree that the “most unrealistic” thing about characters in Netflix Originals is that they wear shoes while they are in their beds.

Netflix Originals including Atypical, Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, Dear White People, and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before are just a few of the shows being called out for characters climbing into bed with shoes on.

In many of the posts on Twitter regarding the character flaw, some even went as far as tagging Netflix or the show’s official account and begging them to make more of an effort not to repeat the issue in future pieces.

One Twitter user even went as far as tagging the streaming giant and asking if they believed wearing shoes in bed was just something teenagers these days did.

A different user pointed out the fact that Netflix was setting a horrible impression for future generations as the characters could make the impressionable youth think wearing shoes in bed isn’t a big deal.

While Netflix doesn’t appear to have responded to this major character flaw that has their subscribers on edge, there doesn’t appear to be anyone posting in support of wearing shoes in bed.