Rapper NBA Youngboy Jumped Off Stage To Beat Up Fan At Concert In Virginia

The rapper responsible for the Billboard charting hit “Outside Today” got a little bit of inside action during a recent concert in Richmond, Virginia. According to Hollywood Life, NBA Youngboy — also known as YoungBoy Never Broke Again — was relaxing on-stage following his performance at The National theater when he was enraged by something a fan in the crowd had said or done.

Incensed and ready to throw hands almost immediately, NBA Youngboy surged off of the stage and immediately started throwing punches at the unlucky concert-goer. Putting up little resistance as the crowd flew into a frenzy about the impromptu fight, the victim of NBA Youngboy’s assault folds up almost immediately and is quickly hauled out of view. One of the rapper’s friends appears to swoop in to offer some unnecessary side muscle, as the fracas is over almost as soon as it begins.

Security quickly attempts to part the crowd and eventually manages to achieve some semblance of control over the proceedings, although it is clear that the audience is both excited as well as agitated.

As TMZ details, the police were called to the venue, but no charges were formally filed. The TMZ comments section is filled with negative commentary on the entire affair, with most indicting the rapper for being so violently aggressive.

This isn’t the first time that physical force has been employed by the rapper — or his security staff — this month. As Complex reports, a physical altercation between a fan and NBA Youngboy’s security staff took place during a show held at Baton Rouge on September 7. Following an incident wherein the fan in question allegedly hurled an item onstage at the rap artist, NBA Youngboy’s security team proceeded to haul the unlucky fan onstage.

There, the fan is verbally confronted by the rapper, who threateningly asks him whether or not he just threw something onstage. The crowd, excited and cheering, can’t wait for what comes next — the fan is tossed back into the crowd by a large member of the security team.

Earlier this month, NBA Youngboy released his highly anticipated 4Respect 4Freedom 4Loyalty 4WhatImportant album. Featuring other prominent rap artists on single tracks — including Kevin Gates, Quando Rondo, and Young Thug — the album is comprised of sixteen tracks, with each quarter paying homage to its lyrical namesake contained within the album title.

4Respect, 4Freedom, and 4Loyalty were previously released as individual EPs, and by joining with the latest four tracks, find themselves as part of a full-length compilation.