Kim Kardashian Channels Drew Barrymore In Goofy Throwback Photo On Instagram

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Kim Kardashian revealed that she used to be a big fan of Drew Barrymore when she posted a throwback photo on Saturday in which she’s channeling one of the actress’s signature looks. In the photo, a young Mrs. Kardashian West strikes a quirky pose with a finger pointed to the camera and a goofy smile.

“8th Grade,” she wrote in the caption of the photo. “Drew Barrymore was my everything.”

Her fans flooded the comments section under the photo with compliments. Lots of people seemed astounded that she looked so good when she was in the 8th grade.

“Wow 8th grade,” one person commented. “She’s soo hot in 8th grade. I looked like I came straight out the womb fml”

“I wish I looked that good in 8th grade,” another person wrote.

Others also expressed that they were fans of Drew Barrymore when they were younger too and tagged the actress in their comments.

This is the second high school photo that Kardashian has recently shared. Two days ago she posted a photo of herself in the 7th grade.

“7th grade,” she wrote in the caption. “This was my go-to lipstick. It’s gotta make a comeback.”

Now that she has a popular makeup line, she can certainly make that happen.

In this photo, her hair is longer and she is wearing an outfit that wouldn’t have been out of place in the movie Clueless which was released in 1995 and starred Alicia Silverstone and Stacey Dash. The lipstick she’s wearing in the photo looks like a deep red.

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8th grade- Drew Barrymore was my everything!

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Kardashian seems to be having lots of fun posting quirky photos to her Instagram page these days.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, she also recently posted a photo where her son, Saint, is pretending to be his dad, Kanye West.

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Guess who ????

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In the photo, Saint holds up a paper mask in front of his face that’s a picture of his father. In the second photo, he pulls the mask away to reveal his own adorable face.

“I’m tearing up this is so cute,” one of Kardashian’s followers wrote in the comments.

The photo offers a heartwarming glimpse into Kardashian and West’s family life. But there are rumors that their marriage might be rockier than they would have us believe.

Kanye West has announced that he plans to move back to Chicago and that he has no intention to leave his hometown ever again. But People Magazine reports that Kim Kardashian does not want to leave Los Angeles which has led some to speculate that the couple might be on the road to an official separation and perhaps a divorce.