Kylie Jenner Poses Provocatively In Slinky Brown Dress For Instagram Photo

Emma McIntyreGetty Images

The youngest of the famous Kardashian sisters — Kylie Jenner — took to popular social media platform Instagram recently in order to share a somewhat provocative picture with her fans around the world.

Striking a pose in what appears to be a concrete parking garage, Kylie Jenner looks beyond the camera lens with a practiced, natural cool. Her makeup on point — pink pastel lips accentuated by mascara-laden eyelashes and perfectly sculpted eyebrows — Kylie appears very well put together and poised despite the rather grungy surroundings of the shot. Her hair is pulled back behind her head tightly, save for two small strands that fall loose to either side of her face, framing it nicely. A bright pink coloration dominates her natural hair color in an almost cotton-candy hue.

Her barely-there dress leaves little to the imagination, hugging every inch of her torso from her bust to her upper thighs. The fabric presents itself in a deeply rich chocolate brown that blends very well with Kylie’s natural complexion, and the angle that the reality TV starlet presents herself at is clearly chosen to accentuate her natural curves. Well manicured hands bearing expensive jewelry and long, meticulous nails are seen pressed against the side of her vehicle lightly, lending a vulnerable and coy aesthetic to the proceedings.

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The caption for the Instagram post simply reads “bubblegum,” likely referencing the bright candy color of her locks.

Kylie Jenner isn’t just another pretty face, however, as she has built a financial empire that rivals that of the earliest tech entrepreneurs. She is valued at over $900 million in a conservative estimate offered up by Forbes, which details the many facets of her financial success and meteoric rise to fame. As an influencer, she remains unparalleled, particularly in her ability to leverage her enormous — and rabid — social media fandom.

Currently having in excess of 115 million followers, dwarfing the population of most of the world’s sovereign nations, Kylie Jenner has managed to draw a lot of attention. This, her most recent snapshot, attracted almost 4 million likes and over 50,000 user comments — largely complimentary and sometimes wistful.

“How are you so fine. I wish you were mine :(,” one user wrote, surely echoing the sentiment of so many others.

“U are beautiful as a red rose and a fresh sunflower to me,” penned another in an attempt at poetic wooing.

Kylie Jenner is a taken woman, however, having shared the cover of GQ together with her boyfriend for the August issue, according to Cosmopolitan. In a relationship with the father of baby Stormi — rap artist Travis Scott — Jenner seems to have everything that a woman could want, and more.