June 23, 2014
Pic: Becky Griggs is today's internet thinspiration

Google searches related to a story posted on CNN about a woman who lost 200 lbs and went from 352 lbs to a 149 lb personal trainer are off the hook today.

Becky Griggs skyrocketed to number one in Google searches after her story of winning the fight against fat was featured on CNN's website. Alas, Griggs doesn't offer any magic tricks for fast weight loss, having stuck to what appears to be a low-carb diet, (protein and "something God grew" making up the bulk of her meals) and the age-old practice of "working out and getting sweaty."

Griggs speaks to CNN about being in a place where she controls food and not the other way around. She credits not getting waylaid by negative inner dialogues and had this to say about a positive attitude about eating:

"I tell clients and people in my classes that when you can look me in the eye and say, 'Oh my gosh, I had brownies and ice cream last night, and it was so good, that's when you have it,' " she said. "If you pick it up and start to eat it, and the negative self-talk starts... that's when you put it down and say, 'No, thank you.' "
If Becky Griggs' story has you riveted, you can check out her website for diet and fitness tips.