‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Recap Friday, September 21: Thorne & Katie To Wed Before Hearing, Brooke Visits Bill

Gilles Toucas and Cliff LipsonCBS

On Friday’s episode of Bold and the Beautiful, Justin Barber (Aaron D. Spears) warned Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) against trying to buy the judge. According to Soap Central, he told the publishing tycoon that he would be trying to take care of Will (Finnegan George) from behind bars if he went that route. Bill agreed and Justin left.

Brooke entered, and Bill asked her to speak to Katie Logan (Heather Tom) on his behalf again. She couldn’t believe that the hearing date had already been set and Bill was still trying to wrap his mind around the fact that it had come so far. He admitted that he had not been a stellar parent, but nothing that he had done warranted taking his son from him. She said that she saw both their sides, and was uncomfortable meeting him because of Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) and Katie.

Bill worried that the final decision would be in the hands of a stranger. Brooke comforted him by saying that the judge would be impartial and that fathers also have rights. Bill asserted that Katie better accept the judge’s decision. Little does he know that Ridge and the judge are old friends.

Ridge and Judge Craig McMullen (Joe Lando) talk about the custody case. Ridge wanted the judge to give Katie sole custody because Bill was “scum.” He also told his friend that Bill had gone after his daughter who was half his age, and had refused to take no for an answer. Bold and the Beautiful viewers saw that Craig was grateful for the loan that put him through law school but didn’t want to jeopardize his career.

Back in the design office, Thorne (Ingo Rademacher) made a suggestion which blew Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) and Katie away. He wanted to get married before the hearing so that they could appear before the court as a married couple who could offer Will stability. Bold and the Beautiful fans witnessed Carter agreeing that the idea had merit.

After making love, Katie agreed to the quick marriage. Thorne brought up the fact that he had lost Darla and his daughter Aly, and that he had fled to Paris to work through his grief. He thanked her for giving him a second chance at a family.

Husband and wife met at Forrester Creations. Ridge had just sent a text message to Craig letting him know to use that particular number for keeping in touch with him. Brooke entered and they disagreed about whether Bill should have custody to will. Brooke said that the judge would decide, and for once Ridge agreed.