Ben Affleck’s Girlfriend, Shauna Sexton, Flaunts Body In Sports Bra And Leggings As She Complains About Acne

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Shauna Sexton, Ben Affleck’s girlfriend, got real with her fans on Instagram. While she looked great in her workout clothes for a hot yoga class, she took a selfie and complained about her acne. Shauna also made fun of her neck and head size too.

“There she all her glory.. post hot yoga.. getting gang b*nged by chin acne. [smiley-face emoji] (some of you may wonder how my giraffe neck supports my bowling ball head, I am honestly not f***ing sure will get back to you soon).”

And while the model did look a little sunburned and had some tiny zits on her chin, it wasn’t super major. Her fans paid little attention to her self-deprecating remarks, however, and instead let her know that she’s “gorgeous” while others thought her captions were hilarious.

Sexton’s yoga outfit was pretty basic. She sported a black sports bra and super tight maroon leggings. That meant her toned stomach was on display. She wore her hair in a low bun and wore some dark aviator sunglasses. Shauna also arrived at her class in Ben’s SUV, so we can all assume that things are going well for the new couple. Plus, the relationship has offered Shauna the opportunity to do what many people dream of doing, which is quitting her day job.

It’s reported that her modeling career was a backup option, while she initially focused on her career as a veterinary technician, according to the Daily Mail. However, rumors surrounding her relationship with Affleck reportedly helped open new doors for her in the modeling world. This is what Shauna said previously when she was asked about how she viewed her modeling career.

“I don’t classify myself as a model. It’s so cliché nowadays for people to say, I’m a model. I need to have some sort of backup plan. Modeling is my plan B. If it takes off, I’d be stoked. You’re only outwardly pretty for so long!”

In other news, after her yoga class, Shauna was spotted again, this time wearing a black tank and some gray-and-black shorts. She tied the tank top in the front to reveal her belly button, as she took her dog on a walk in the park.

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Shauna’s caused some controversy as Ben struggles with alcohol addiction. Notably, she mentioned in her Playboy interview that her go-to drink is “Whiskey all day. Bourbon, for sure. I like whiskey and soda, which makes some people cringe, but I like it.”