Noah Cyrus Is Selling Her Tears For $12K

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

While it’s common enough for celebrities to sign autographs and take selfies in order to build a connection with their fans, Noah Cyrus is taking things to the next level, offering her fans the chance to purchase a vial of her tears, according to reports from E Online.

The tears are included with a recent merchandise drop the singer did on the clothing website Pizza Slime. Along with the tears, t-shirts adorned with the face of Cyrus’ father, Billy Ray Cyrus, as well as hoodies covered with the phrase “Noah Cyrus Sucks” are being sold as well.

While the style of the clothing may seem odd but trendy, all anyone can talk about is the vial of tears, which Cyrus valued at $12,000. The item description of the tears says, “This is approximately 12 tears made by Noah Cyrus as a result of sadness.”

The description also includes a warning not to drink the tears, saying, “Human digestion of these tears is not suggested cause tears are generally pretty salty and that would just be super f****** weird if you drank someone else’s tears”

Noah Cyrus also warned when the tears were launched that they would only be available for 48 hours, forcing Noah Cyrus fans who had $12,000 to act quickly.

There are multiple theories as to why Cyrus decide to take the route of selling her own tears. Some signs point to her messy breakup with the rapper Lil Xan, which was definitely an emotional time for Cyrus and would allow her to produce copious tears. Another theory is that the tears are part of a promotional stunt to push her recent music, which includes tear-centric titles such as her EP Good Cry and her song “Make Me (Cry).” Tears and crying are a part of Cyrus’ image and now she has made the connection concrete, as well as captured a solid amount of public attention and maybe $12,000.

It’s looking like at least one bottle of tears will be sold, as TMZ reports that a fan has created a GoFundMe page trying to pool together the money to purchase a vial. According to reports by TMZ, the posting appeared to be a scam but that didn’t stop eight people from donating $1,240 over the first 15 hours. Noah Cyrus’ team has reached out to GoFundMe in an effort to get the listing pulled. A rep for Cyrus said that all those who donated will have their money returned as well as backstage passes for one of her shows. Nothing about whether they would receive any of the tears, however.