Katy Perry Calls Josh Groban ‘The One That Got Away,’ His Surprising Reaction

Jemal CountessGetty Images for Tony Awards Productions

Singer and actor Josh Groban was put on the spot by a caller into Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, who asked him about Katy Perry’s claims that her 2011 hit tune “The One That Got Away” was about him.

He was stunned after learning that Perry, while promoting her Witness album in 2017, told James Corden that Groban had inspired the song, saying, “He’s one of my good friends.”

“We did [date],” Groban confirmed to WWHL host Andy Cohen and fellow guest Queen Latifah.

“We were both very private, and so we realized we were better as friends. And we’ve been very, very good friends to this day,” he revealed.

“She’s the best. But, I was not expecting that. That was a double take and a spit of my coffee when I saw that,” Groban quipped.

Groban did add that some of the lyrics really didn’t reflect their relationship and that it appeared that Perry had taken some creative license with the song.

Nonetheless, he called Perry’s tribute to him “very sweet.”

“I’m very flattered by it,” he added. “But I was very surprised by it, too.”

Cohen asked Groban if he and Perry could possibly date again, to which Groban reminded the host that he and the singer were both dating others at the moment.

Groban, according to E! News is dating Schuyler Helford, while Perry is dating Orlando Bloom.

Back in 2017, Perry revealed plenty of personal tidbits about her life during a YouTube live stream to promote Witness.

During Corden’s participation in the live stream, Perry played the iconic Late Late Show game “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts.”

In order to avoid eating some potentially gross foods Corden provided for the game, Perry also ranked her exes Diplo, John Mayer, and Orlando Bloom from best to worst in bed, as reported by Billboard.

“They’re all amazing lovers, and I would have sex with all of them after I get out of this place,” Perry said. For the record, she ranked Diplo third, Bloom second, and Mayer No. 1.

Groban is currently starring in Netflix’s The Good Cop, co-starring Tony Danza.

Vulture reported that the series is about Italian-American police detective Tony Caruso Jr. (Groban), who is a by-the-book homicide detective whose father, Tony Sr. (Tony Danza), is a legendary detective who just got out of prison after being the main target of a police corruption investigation so specifically damning that it’s known as “the Caruso Commission.”