Bud Light Gives Free Beer To People Of Cleveland After Browns Win First Game Since 2016

Crack open a cold one, Browns fans.

After the team won its first game in nearly two years, Bud Light helped the city to celebrate by offering free beer to residents. As SB Nation reported, the beermaker had installed what it called "victory fridges" in the city late this summer, which were refrigerated and chained shut until the team finally won a game.

On Thursday, for the first time since December of 2016, the Browns did just that. After falling behind 14-0 to the New York Jets, the Browns staged a comeback behind rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield, who entered the game in relief of the injured Tyrod Taylor. The Browns got a pair of key interceptions at the end of the game to thwart the Jets and win 21-17, and the fans of Cleveland could finally celebrate.

Bud Light provided the refreshments.

"On Thursday night, those fridges — each with about 200 bottles of Bud Light inside — were opened, allowing a thirsty city to watch its residents climb over one another in an effort to grab free beer," SB Nation noted.

"Maybe Bud Light isn't everyone's first choice, but hey, free beer is free beer. Clevelanders have earned it — and the Browns weren't about to let the brewing giant forget about it."
Though the situation could have gotten messy, Cleveland police were on hand to make sure the celebration didn't get too out of control, the report noted. They also poked some fun at the promotion on Twitter.
Even the Cleveland Browns were in on the celebration. In an interview after the game, Mayfield asked if the refrigerators had been opened, and former All Pro tackle Joe Thomas posted a video of himself waiting for the beer to be distributed. Many other fans shared pictures and video of the beer distribution at various bars throughout the city, which mostly went off without a hitch.

Now that the Cleveland Browns have finally gotten over the hump and recorded their first victory in more than 600 days, many believe the team has the tools to compete in a wide-open AFC North division. The Browns added a number of offensive weapons in the offseason in an effort to recover from last year's 0-16 record and the 1-15 record from the season before. So there will likely be more wins over the course of the rest of the season, but Browns fans will have to buy their own Bud Light from here on in.