Nicholas Thrash, 34, Sent To Prison For 160 Years For Raping And Impregnating 10-Year-Old Girl

mrmohockGetty Images

Nicholas Thrash is headed to prison for the next 100 years after the 34-year-old Indiana man was found guilty of repeatedly molesting and raping a 10-year-old girl, which led to her becoming pregnant.

Thrash was handed a sentence of 160 years in prison and will more than likely spend the rest of his life behind bars, Fox News reported. A judge ordered that he serve a minimum of 132 years, keeping him in prison until 2050 barring the conviction being overturned.

In a trial in August, Thrash was convicted of 10 counts of child molestation, the report noted. The victim claimed that Thrash molested her at least 15 times, including raping her.

Deputy Prosecutor Lisa Glancy described said they were pleased with the guilty verdict against Thrash, but know that the victim still faces a difficult journey ahead.

“It’s something little compared to what (the victim) has gone through and what she will go through,” Glancy told the Chronicle-Tribune.

Prosecutors said they took efforts to protect the victim during the investigation and trial.

“(The victim) was foremost in our mind during this case,” Grant County Prosecutor Jim Luttrull said. “We appreciate an enormous amount of people who offered their assistance to the victim, for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) and all the work they provided in the case.”

Protecting the victim was not easy as Thrash caused difficulties during the trial, at one point being removed for repeatedly disobeying a judge’s orders during his time on the witness stand and trying to claim that the victim “lied” and had sex other times. He had other outbursts when he claimed that the victim was lying, leading deputies to handcuff him and remove him from the courtroom.

When Thrash was first arrested in 2017, family members said that he was someone trusted by the family, WISH-TV reported. The exact relationship between the 34-year-old and the now 11-year-old victim was not entirely clear.

Nicholas Thrash is not the only one in trouble for the young girl’s molestation. Her mother has also been charged with neglect and aiding in child molestation for not reporting the abuse, the Chronicle-Tribune reported. Police said the girl’s mother discovered she was pregnant when helping the victim get ready for a school dance, then instructing the girl to claim that a classmate had gotten her pregnant. The girl was 20 months pregnant at the time her mother discovered, and she gave birth to a boy in September, 2017.