‘Big Brother 20’ Spoilers: Final Head Of Household Round 1 Results Revealed, Houseguests Prepare For Round 2

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Season 20 of Big Brother is finally down to the last three houseguests and a winner will be named in a matter of days. Thursday night’s eviction went as anticipated, with Kaycee casting the sole vote to evict Angela. The first part of the last Head of Household competition was held late Thursday night and now spoilers have emerged detailing what went down.

According to spoilers from Big Brother Network, JC was the first to drop in the endurance challenge. Kaycee tried to signal Tyler that he should drop and let her win it, which is something they had talked about somewhat before the competition. However, he seemingly wasn’t sure if she meant it so he didn’t drop.

Ultimately, Kaycee did drop and Tyler won Round 1 of the final HOH. This means that Kaycee and JC will go up against one another in Round 2, and that is expected to be a mental competition. Then, the Round 2 winner will battle against Tyler in Round 3 and that winner picks who will sit next to them for the last vote of Season 20.

Heading into these battles, Kaycee had noted that she felt she was likely better with the endurance competition than the mental one, so she had voiced something of a preference that she win Round 1 and then Tyler take down JC in Round 2. However, Big Brother spoilers via Big Brother Daily detail that later Thursday night, she was pumping herself up about how she would make sure to win this next one.

While Tyler and Kaycee remain tight in their Final 2 alliance, JC seemingly thinks that he’s been running the show all season. He appears to be confident that he’s in a good spot with both Tyler and Kaycee in terms of being taken to the finale if he doesn’t win HOH.

Both Tyler and Kaycee are playing along with JC, and both of them appear to feel relatively confident that they’re in good shape should JC ultimately win HOH. Ultimately, however, both Kaycee and Tyler are aiming to make sure they are the two in Round 3 of the HOH and then they are golden to be the Final 2 together.

Round 2 of the HOH competition will take place over the weekend and Round 3 should be done live during the finale. Stay tuned for additional Big Brother 20 spoilers as they emerge over the coming days to see how JC fares in these final battles to win the season.