Alec Baldwin Is Returning For ‘SNL’s’ 44th Season To Play Donald Trump

Gonzalo Marroquin Getty Images

Actor Alec Baldwin plans to reprise his Emmy-winning impersonation of President Donald Trump when Saturday Night Live returns with new episodes later this month.

The actor made the announcement about his return to the program for its 44th season during the Origins podcast with author and SNL historian James Andrew Miller, Variety reported on Friday. In that same podcast, Baldwin expressed his views about his muse, and didn’t hold back his opinions of the 45th President of the United States.

“Trump is insane. I think most people know, the guy – he is insane. We have a man who is president who is insane. You can’t go far enough with this idiot. You can’t go far enough. You can’t go far enough.”

Executive Producer Lorne Michaels said he was thrilled to have Baldwin returning to the show to play the president again, adding that he couldn’t imagine anyone else taking over the reins to portray Trump — including his current roster of regular cast members on the show itself.

“I think there is probably no other actor who is looking to take that and follow Alec,” Michaels said. “And I think, for a new cast member to come in and try that would be a really tough thing to do.”

Although some could never imagine anyone else playing the president on the comedic sketch show (especially after his over-the-top portrayal of Trump) Baldwin’s return was not a guarantee. The actor, who has made regular guest appearances (including 17 times hosting the show himself, according to NBC News), made headlines earlier this year when he suggested he was growing tired of the role.

“The maliciousness of this White House has people very worried,” Baldwin said in May, according to reporting from Entertainment Weekly. “That’s why I’m not going to do it much longer, the impersonation. I don’t [know] how much more people can take it.”

With his announcement this week, however, Baldwin appears ready to don the Trump wig and purse his lips once more — at least, for one more season, that is.

Baldwin first impersonated Trump on SNL during the October 1, 2016 episode in which he portrayed the then-candidate in a debate matchup with Hillary Clinton, who was played by regular cast member Kate McKinnon. For his continued portrayal of the role, Baldwin earned himself an Emmy award.

The 44th season of Saturday Night Live will air later this month, on Saturday, September 29. It will be hosted by actor Adam Driver, with musical guest Kanye West, Deadspin reports.