Donald Trump’s Mental Health Getting Worse And Now ‘Unable To Tolerate Reality,’ Says Yale Psychiatrist

Alex WongGetty Images

Donald Trump’s mental health is getting worse and the president is now “unable to tolerate reality,” says a Yale psychiatrist who claims that White House officials reached out to her with their concerns.

The assessment came from Bandy Lee, a professor of psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine who said White House insiders reached out to her last year with fears that Donald Trump was “unraveling” mentally. Lee also held a conference on the duty of mental health professionals to warn the public about the dangers Trump poses, Salon reported.

In an interview with Salon, Lee said that she was not surprised at the recent New York Times op-ed where a top White House official anonymously warned that Trump was exhibiting unhinged and frightening behavior.

That has already been clear to Lee, who said the president’s symptoms of mental decline are easy to see.

“Donald Trump has shown a number of symptoms which are now quite obvious to even an untrained person,” she said. “He is impulsive. He is reckless. He has shown a lack of empathy and a lack of concern about consequences. His grip on reality is loose. I suspect he is unable to tolerate reality for what it is. So, Trump has to make himself into a person who is infallible and an expert on everything.”

Lee said the anonymous op-ed was a cry for help, which is not unusual for people trying to address someone’s unchecked mental health issues. She added that the type of mental health issues Trump is reportedly exhibiting can “overcome healthy individuals through their sheer force.”

These mental health issues are affecting Trump’s foreign policy decisions, Lee warned. She said that many other world leaders have figured out they can play Trump by stroking his ego, helping to push him toward the positions they want.

This can pose difficulties for trying to remove Trump from office as well, she warned.

“This is why I believe Trump has been so difficult to remove through the 25th Amendment, impeachment or other checks and balances, because he is so amenable and easy to manipulate. This means that all variety of extreme policies which wouldn’t have passed under a healthier president are possible under this one.”

While Lee’s assessment of Donald Trump has generated controversy in the medical world, especially among those who believe it is not appropriate to be publicly discussing the potential diagnosis of a patient she is not treating, others are supporting the idea of removing Trump via the 25th Amendment. This month, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren was the first to raise the idea of exploring that avenue, responding to the anonymous op-ed by saying the “time has come” to explore removing Trump from office.